Sunday, 19 February 2017

Terrible night

DB could not sleep, so I had to be awake too, reading until 3am after consuming cups of tea and cream crackers........I woke just after 8am, woke him then too. I was feeling rather bloody minded. It was fine and he had mentioned about going into the garden. Usual Sunday brekkers in bed, made it up just before 10am.

He is having his siesta now, one hour....thats it......fingers crossed he sleeps tonight.

Supper prepped, veggies done. I have also sewn down a bit more on the playmat, not awfully pleased with the quilting on the back, but it can stay, I just CBA to unpick it all and do it again!!

No plans for the coming week, just take things as they come. Will not be going shopping for at least another 2 weeks unless I need fruit, which I can pick up on Sunday when we go into town for lunch.

It has turned cold, the sun had gone in, so I have lit the fire, I usually do on Sunday afternoon.

A little splash of white at the top of the front garden/

Saturday, 18 February 2017


Another misty start, it was after lunch before it cleared.

No alarm this morning so we slept in, it was after 10am before my feet hit the floor. Apart from sorting the supper, cheese and onion pie and doing a bit more at the playmat; I have spent the rest of the day reading.

OH had wanted to go out to the garden, but decided against it when he saw the weather.

Not much going on, the close is quiet, the village generally seems to be quiet just now waiting for spring I guess.

Nothing really on next week apart from next Sunday when we are out to celebrate our wedding nniversary, lunch at the carvery in Melton with DD2 and DGD.

Friday, 17 February 2017


Much better nights sleep, I actually did not hear the alarm go off, so breakfast in bed.

It was a dull grey morning, DB went out to the front garden, he has sawn off one of the very old roses about a foot down underground, will see if it tries to shoot, if it does we will be putting some root killer on it.

I cooked the salmon for tonight and prepped the spuds, also made a tray of brownies.

After lunch I shut myself in the sewing room. Have finished the play may quilting apart from putting the babies name and birth date on it, have also put the binding on, just need to hand sew it down. Once its done I will photograph it.

The sun came out after lunch it has been quite mild, the heating has been off for most of the day.

Supper tonight, salmon, new potato's, peas and sauce made from the liquor I cooked the salmon in; a mixture of white wine and lemon juice and a little bit of fish stock., I sprinkled lemon pepper over the fillets before I cooked them. DB has asked for semolina pudding for his dessert, I I will do a bowl just for him. I hate the stuff second only to tapioca which reminds me of frogs spawn...yuk....

No plans for the weekend, will finish the playmat, then wait for baby to arrive.

What an attractive young lady Nicky's daughter Molly is turning out to be. He would have been so proud of her.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Another bad night.....

These bad nights are getting me down......after 3am again and I was awake at 7.30 am.

Lovely bright morning, two loads of laundry out on the line, DB is out in the garden, no idea what he is up to.

I took the bull by the horns and fitted up the new router this morning, I had to take the TV connections to bits to get at the sockets, so I moved the table and cleaned the carpet in the corner, cleaned the glass with vinegar, so its all sparking. The router connected no problem, I need to check the speed we are getting with it just now.

All the laundry dried so its airing before being put away. I have almost finished quilting the play mat, was going to try and finish it but I am quite tired so it can wait until tomorrow.

DB was in the garden, plants are showing signs of growth, more daffs are coming through. Now our neighbour had had her tree trimmed back we have lost the privacy in the garden, I am going to look at planting a bush of some description to block off her kitchen window from out garden. I am toying with the idea of putting a small patio area in and relaying the path up to and round the shed.

I have found the yard where Hesters boat is for sale, there is more info and also  a layout drawing, it looks just right for them. I really hope the survey goes well for them.

I have managed to pick up a couple of really rank books from the library this time, Good job DB has some I can read.

The sun has gone and we have had a shower of rain, good job I fetched the laundry in, it would have been wetter then when I took it out.

Bacon egg etc for supper tonight, I have got the salmon out to do for tomorrow night. I will cook it gently in white wine and lemon juice, we will have the salmon cold with potatoes, peas and butter sauce.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Misty morning

When we set off for Melton, it was quite thick in places and the number of cars that passed us without any lights on was amazing.

Shopping done, even managed to get prunes in juice for my neighbour as well. I have bought several things this month, so paid for the shopping from my pocket money purse. I think we are about straight now. I did buy a bunch off daffs to brighten the place up.

The sun was shining when we got back, but it has not lasted long, its very dark and damp now. The rain was forecast.

I have made the binding for the playmat and quilted a quarter of it, will do some more tomorrow, it takes a bit of manoeuvring around. I could do with some silicone polish so it moves a bit easier on the bed of the machine.

DB was planting up shallots and he has also checked the geraniums in the greenhouse, he says they are all doing fine.

Cauli and calabrese gratin with jacket spuds and tomato and cucumber salad for supper tonight, no dessert, the rhubarb sponge was finished off last night.

I did manage to find Hesters blog, but although it is on my blog list it does not seem to have updated, will have to look into that.

Some years ago when I was in the US I bought some brushed cotton fabric, I have decided to make a mile a minute quilt for our friend P who is very poorly. I need to get the play mat out of the way and cut some strips and join them together, it will only take me a short time to join the bits up and I am not going to put wadding in it but use a cheap blanket from Ikea and bag it out, then just sew down in straight lines. I think I need about 25 width of the fabric strips. If nothing else it will keep him warm when he goes out in his wheel chair. I made one for my friend Edna many years ago, she used it a lot.

Time to put the light on, its gone very dark.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr its cold

A very heavy overnight frost, it did not really ease until after lunch, it was blooming cold outside. The sky is blue and the sun shining, but its still cold.

Well I have appliqued the pieces onto the playmat, thats all I have done, the wretched thread kept breaking, in the end I undid it and used cotton. There were times it came very close to going out of the window. Its layered up ready to quilt, but it can wait till another day. I also put another patch on my ironing board, ironed and aired yesterdays bed linen.

Think we might go to Melton tomorrow, I am out of fruit and mustard, DB has been having mustard sauce quite a bit lately.

I have just finished reading a book about a families search for survivors of the Holocaust, along with the other book I read about survivors of the camps in Japan during the second world war. Although fiction, they are both based on fact, very difficult reading in places. I found them a very compelling read.

Last night was a good night on TV for a change, we have been watching The Halcyon. Its the last part next week, intriguing trying to work out what is going to happen and if there will be another series. We also watched Island Parish based on Anguilla. They are still showing Nigel Farrell as the idea behind the series.....he has been dead for a number of years. We knew him when we lived in Hampshire, his pal Nippi had the local post office and general store in Bentley. At that time he had a series based on life in the village.

Sausage, mash and baked beans tonight, the remains of the rhubarb sponge for dessert.

Monday, 13 February 2017

What a difference a day makes

Woke up to blue skies and bright sun. Changed the bed, laundry on the line and a second load in, there is a breeze so I should get both lots reasonable dry.

Monday and Friday clean done with help from DB, he loves the Dyson, not moaning but he does miss bits. Shattered now. Will spend the rest of the day on the settee apart from instructing DB in the delicate art of making dumplings and cooking them in the beef stew, he just needs to do some veg, calabrese and cauli, there are carrots in the stew. I plan to write everything down for him, mind you he probably will never use it. 

I finally managed to fill in the form for attendance allowance yesterday, DB has posted be signed for, we will wait and see what happens.

I have to admit I admire Hester and her husband for going ahead and doing what they want to do in their retirement, Hester's blog is on my sidebar. How I would love to be a fly on the wall when she gives in her notice. I am keeping everything crossed that the survey will go well. The narrow boat looks in good nick if the photographs are anything to go by. Here's to them spending the summer cruising on the canals.

No plans for anything this week, might go into town on Thursday will probably need fruit then.

The sponge topped rhubarb took ages to cook yesterday, there is enough for at least 3 more days small helpings.

Waiting for the fabric to come for the applique bits on the play mat, once it comes I can get on and get it finished. update the fabric has arrived so I am going to spend tomorrow sewing.

Supper tonight, beef stew and dumpling, rhubarb sponge for dessert.

I know someone will ask me for the dumpling recipe.....

for 2 people

3 levelish tablespoons of SR flour.

1 slightly heaped tablespoon of vegetarian suet.

1 heaped table spoon of sage and onion stuffing.

Water to mix.

Add salt and pepper to the mix in a bowl. I add enough water to make a sticky dough. The stuffing absorbs water, so you may need to add a drop more after half an hour or so.

Heat your stew either in the oven or in a pan until bubbling. You have a choice you can use a spoon to make small dumplings, split into two large ones or just lob the whole lot onto the top of the stew. It needs about half an hour to cook the dumpling through, although little dumplings will take less time. Use the tip of a knife, puch it into the centre of the dumpling, if it comes out clean, its done, otherwise give it another few minutes and test again. I usually do mine in the oven in a terracotta dish, I spoon gravy over the top of the dumplings and cook at 200c for about half an hour, test in the same way with a knife.

Using sage and onion stuffing was something I started to do years ago when we did our 100 dishes made with mince, I used to add stuffing to the mince to make it go further. The stuffing seems to make a lighter dumpling and its very tasty.

The dumpling just going into the oven

Spoon the gravy over the top of the dumpling

Supper is served, beef stew, dumpling. ca;abrese and cauliflower.