Monday, 23 April 2018

Its a lot cooler this morning. DB keeps saying its not going to rain, but its awful dark out there just now. Hope it does not come to much have a full load in the washer to hang out. I have not put the heating back on, just extra jumpers and a fleece throw when we are sitting at night.

DB is out finishing putting preservative on the fence.

We watered the garden last night, the ground at the top is cracking already, the joys of clay soil!!I have a clump of foxgloved to plant, discovered a delphinium struggling in the pot as well, so might just put the foxgloves in and repot the delphinium, thats about all I am going to do in the garden. might manage a bit more tomorrow if its not hissing down with rain.

Very bad night last night, so going to take it steady today,nothing

P & D across the road went off to their caravan on Thursday, they came back yesterday, said it was too hot in the van, she could not sleep..........

Chicken salad tonight, not sure about dessert as yet, might do some more rhubarb, did not make a crumble after all, we had it with icecream.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Will we get rain today?

The promised rain did not arrive. We had a lie in for an hour. At 9.30 DB said it was time to get up, the sun was shining and he wanted to finish putting the preservative on the shed.

I spent half an hour weeding and putting some of the plants in from the nursery bed, my back told me it was time to sit for a while, so I made a cuppa and sat. DB finished the shed and started on the new fence. I have discovered 3 more hostas coming through, so have applied a wide ring of slug pellets, we use the ones that are bird and animal friendly. I will have to use them round the delphiniums when they go in. It makes me so cross when I go out and find the b*****d slugs and snails have chewed them to the ground overnight. Thankfully the lupins seem to be ok.

I made a boo boo with the second camellia, its red, I thought the original one was white, no it isn't, so two read camellias, hey ho. The rhodi had got at least 20 flower buds on, cannot remember what colour it is and the label has disappeared. The soloman's seal has also put up several flower spikes.

Camellia just came out today

Herrucera Champagne waiting to go in.

Solomon's seal putting up spikes.

Aubretia at the foot of one of the climbing roses. A pretty splash of purple.

Rhubarb anyone???

I put in the plants and placed a few more, I have devised a way of using the weed spray. I cut the bottom off a pop bottle and then cut a piece about 5" deep, place it over the weed and then use the spray inside the collar.......that way there is no drift onto the plants, we will see how it works.

The gardener came round this afternoon and cut the grass again, it needed it. I will do the edges tomorrow.

Veggies done for supper, roast chicken with the trimmings. I cooked some rhubarb yesterday we will have it for dessert with some cream and a bit of extra sugar.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Will we get hail?

I hope not...... its quite a bit cooler this morning, forecast last night was for heavy rain and hail later this afternoon. I need to get the plants into the little green house just in case.

We had a nice time with my friend yesterday. Another quilting friend I have not seen for ages came whilst we were there. Smoked salmon sandwiches for lunch, yummy....The two clematis were well received, they were in a dish of water waiting to be planted. I need to get mine in too, it had quite a lot of buds on it almost ready to come out.

DB has requested stovies tonight, so need to peel and slice the spuds and leave them in water. It does not take long about 35 minutes to cook. No dessert planned.

DB is about to go out and finish painting the shed with preservative, I have told him to use the stool, if he falls again I am not getting him up, he will have to do it himself or lie there till I can get someone to help me.

The sun is just trying to break through, better go and get the ironing done then I can sit out for a while.

Update: DH has just a bit of painting to finish but his hour was up. I spent some time placing pots where I want them to go, I discovered the crown imperial which is usually huge, cowering behind the spirea.......we have put some of the tender plants in the greenhouse against the rain.

DB has been asked to go down to the bowls club this afternoon, its the open day, he will not be playing just sitting and talking to any new members that might come a freeish afternoon. I have to take him down and collect him later.

Some photos I took this morning........

The spirea, rosemary in the background.

The last of the daffs, the hosta is coming through and the little cowslip has been really pretty, it has seeded so will be digging the seedlings up and planting them else where.

The solar fountain in the pot you can just see the water shooting up, we have had to wedge it, keeps floating to the side and watering the grass!!

Friday, 20 April 2018

Oh what a beautiful morning.....

Sun shining, not as hot as yesterday so far.

We had our morning tea and lunch in the garden, I had bought a pot with no holes in the bottom last year, will it with water and put the floating solar panel in it, very nice hearing the sound of the water. I had have to change the head over;as the panel floats it kept floating to the side and watering the grass, so changed it to a straight fountain. As long as the sun is shining it keeps working.

My quilting friend rang yesterday afternoon to ask if we would pick up a couple of clematis for her from Aldi, so we went over to Bingham, I got the clematis and also 2 big blocks of the cheese we like. Our Aldi does not have it for some reason.

We are off to see my quilting friend this afternoon, tea and chat in order.

Will spend a relaxing morning, might sit in the garden and read for a bit.

Fish and chips tonight, have not decided on dessert, it may just be ice cream.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Is it Spring or Early Summer?

Whatever it is the garden has gone nuts, there is stuff popping up all over the place. At least I now know where I can use the cultivator without hooking out a plant.

We had our lunch outside for the first time this year, hope there are many more times to was really nice sitting out. Its beginning to get a little too warm for me, so have come in to cool off a tad.

DB has been in the shed potting up seedlings this morning. Yesterday he did not get what I meant about him bending down, so this morning I asked him to do it in the house.....just managed to shove the chair under him and pull him back before he pitched forward. So...success, he will ditter in the garden, but bending down is out. I am going to get a gardener though.

The toaster went phut this morning whilst it was doing the toast, I bought it 3 years ago when we moved here, it was expensive, so I am a bit put out, I expected it to last a bit longer. The kettle I bought with is is still going strong.

Turkey escalopes for supper with pilau rice, not sure whats for dessert if anything.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Here we go again!!

Bright morning, there is still quite a breeze but not as bad as yesterday.

I had to wait in for the chap to come and look at the cupboard floor in the wet room, as I suspected the floor is going to have to come up and the planks replaced. We can use the shower but I have to put a towel down to soak up the water.

DB was out in the garden and fell again......we have had words, I just cannot go on like this anymore, I know he loves his garden but I cannot cope, even if I go out with him he can still fall, I had a massive job to get him up and back into the house. he has to give up and this time I am not giving way. I will have to take on the veg garden for this year then it will be laid down to grass next year.

Quiche and salad for supper tonight, there is enough of the crumble left for dessert.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Quite a change from yesterday, they sky is grey, the weather station in the kitchen is showing rain, and we have a strong wind.

A mixed load went in the washer this morning, its on the line blowing like sails on a ship.......hope it dries, yesterday's sheets were dry by lunchtime.

Still no movement on the floor in the wet room, the last plank is still showing no signs of drying out despite the dehumidifier and heater having been in there, they are coming to look at it tomorrow, I have a feeling that the whole floor is going to have to come up, if the water had run one way its going to run the other so the floor under the shower may well be as bad.

G is coming at lunchtime to put the spuds in for us, DB will not be able to bend for at least another week.....and he is agitating to get them in. I have deadheaded the little daffs in the front garden, Once the bigger ones are over I will dig them out and put them in the back in the autumn.

Smoked haddock with poached eggs and brown bread for supper, have crumble left for dessert.