Sunday, 18 March 2018


We have had 6 inches of snow overnight. I was awake just after 5am, got up and put the heating on early. We had our usual Sunday brekkie in bed.

I used the coal shovel to clear a path to the coal shed, I should have sorted out the coal last night before it got dark, however the job is done and the fire crackling away. I will remember tonight to fill the bucket in case there is still snow in the morning.

DB's itches seem to have subsided so we had a shower rather than a wash this morning, I am still putting the cream on at night.

We had wall to wall rugby yesterday, by the time it had finished I was going slowly nuts........I should have sorted out some sewing to do.

Roast pork etc for supper, just about to do a freezer dive for fruit to make a crumble which will do us a couple of days. No cream, ice cream will have to do.

Saturday, 17 March 2018


We woke up to a very slight scattering of snow, it has tried to snow a few times this morning but so far not successfully.

The fencer did not manage to get to us yesterday, so guess it will be Monday now. We are having a fence put where the hedge was to stop people being able to see from the lane right across the back of the bungalow. Once that is done I can get on with planting up the piece of garden which has been left exposed.

The temperature dropped ten degrees over night, I have lit the sitting room fire this morning.

Managed to the sewing machine for 10 minutes yesterday, made a cover for the last packet of tissues that had been knocking about for ages. I think I am going to get the blocks out for the ohio star quilt that I made 2 years ago and start to put them together, I need to sort out the corner triangles if I am going to put them 'on point'. I am not planning to quilt it myself its too big. I also cleaned the machine, I forgot to put the dust cover on it when I last used it.

I managed to get the fleeces washed and dried yesterday and also took down the net curtain from the sewing room and washed that, it was looking a bit grubby. It is useful for defusing the sun on my sewing machine which is on its table under the window. 

Cheese, onion and potato pie for supper tonight, with baked beans. 

Friday, 16 March 2018


It was raining when I drew the curtains back, by 10.30 it had cleared up and the sun had come out.

The fencer came last night and phoned this morning with a quote for the fence, he is hoping to come this afternoon and put it in. I had a quick trip to the PO to get some cash for him.

I washed a couple of fleeces, they are on the line, they should dry ok. I have also put the net curtain from the back bedroom in soak, when I looked at it from outside it looked very dingy, it should dry on the line, it will need a swift press before it goes back up.

OH went out and started to put the preservative on the shed, its going to take a while for him to do it.

Supper tonight will be a bit different as my Combi Microwave is in for repair. I am going to do crunchy topped cod in the Remoska with mashed spuds, peas and parsley sauce. Fresh fruit for dessert.

Thursday, 15 March 2018


Pouring with rain this morning, forecast is for snow tomorrow arrgg...... with this in mind I have cleaned out the grate and filled the coal scuttle, we will have a fire in the sitting room if we do get snow.

I prepped the supper, cooked the stew in the pressure cooker, Also made up the mixture for dumpling, there are carrots etc in the stew so DB asked for just cauliflower, the stew is in a casserole, just need to bring it up to heat and cook the dumpling.

Combi micro has been collected by Martin Dawes who handle warranty repairs for Panasonic, it will be away for a week.

Went over to see my neighbour this morning, she is struggling with her legs again. her son is coming tomorrow to take her shopping.

DD2 sent a message yesterday to say she was feeling a lot better, she has walked into town and back on Tuesday evening to have supper with her son.

A quiet day really, read for a while. It stopped raining after lunch, the sun tried to come through, but eventually gave up the ghost. The ground is  very wet, I could do with it drying out a bit so I can get some plants in. The daffs are out in the garden tete a tete in the front and the bigger daffs in the back, the cowslip is also starting to flower. There are a couple of plants that need cutting back and I need to start planting up the ground we gained where the hedge was cut back. The nursery bed is almost full of plants waiting to be planted out.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Another bright morning, but with quite a breeze, the bath towels went in the washer and are not on the line.

DB has an appointment to measure his eye for his lens, so we will be off to Loughborough this afternoon. There was s bad accident on the road yesterday, hope they have cleared everyting, otherwise its quite a long detour.

Shoved the dyson over the carpet and the kitchen floor, I am always amazed at the amount of muck in the cylinder.

My fingers are starting to itch to sew, so need to decide what I am going to do. I have a packet of tissues, a cover for them will be a quick start.

Liver and sausage for supper tonight, veggies done so I just have to cook it when we get back.

My combi microwave has started playing up for some reason, they are collecting it tomorrow, its still under warranty. I will have to use the remoska or the small top oven whilst its away. 

Our fuel deal finishes next month, have gone onto another 1 year fixed tariff, starts 29th April, they tried to persuade me to have a smart meter which I politely refused, they getting weekly readings from me anyway, so why put a smart meter in? I am quite happy with the bills I am paying and unless we have a week like we had recently, the bill stays within bounds. With the gas, I know we make up any shortfall during the summer. I was cross earlier in the winter when they refunded £100 from the gas bill, we needed it later. I would much rather they refund money at the end of the 12 month period or carry it forward.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


A bright sunny morning and a bit warmer than of late. Too late for many places though, the roads were flooded as I went to the Drs last night. Other places have had really bad floods.

Dr said all my blood tests including my cholesterol were ok, the tiredness is due to the stress looking after DB, he remarked that he doubted it would get really better, depending on DB's health. So I guess its a case of put up and shut up, thats not easy at times.

I have managed to do the ironing at last, was having a few problems with the steamer iron. Turned out I had not properly connected the iron to the unit, once that was sorted it was full steam ahead. Years ago when DB had C Diff I asked on freecycle if anyone had a steamer they no longer used. I knew that steam was one of the things that would kill the spores, I did not want to use bleach, the other thing that works, on the bed or carpet. A lady in the village emailed to say she had one and I was welcome to it, so off I went to collect it. It turned out to be a very expensive Polti steamer. When my last iron went phut I bought an attachment iron for the steamer which is brilliant.

Steamer and iron attachment.

I have used the steamer a lot its great on floors and also getting stains off the carpet, steaming the wet room tiles and also removed the stains from a previous tenants cigarette smoke off the plastic toilet cistern.

Mac and cheese tonight DB has asked for salad which is what he will get.

Monday, 12 March 2018


It was pouring with rain when we got up this morning and has continued to do so all day, yukkkk....thankfully not so cold though, the gas and electricity consumption is down by half this week.

DD2 has had her stitches out, she said she was less distressed today,  and coped better with being out, but she still intends to take life slowly.

Wetroom cleaned apart from the floor. we have not had a shower everyday, so it can wait until next Monday.

I have an appointment with the Dr this evening to get the results of the blood tests I had some weeks ago. My own GP has unfortunately gone on long term sick leave, so I will be seeing one of the other Drs.

DB's itches continue, I am putting the cream on his back twice a day, he is also putting lotion on his hair as well. The scratches on his arm are gradually healing as well.

Turkey Fricassee, rice and mixed veg for supper tonight, fresh fruit for dessert.