Sunday, 10 December 2017


Last night I turned the thermostat down but left the heat on low, so by the time I went through to get our Sunday morning brekkie the chill was off the house. Turned it up to 18c for an hour or so and then down to 15c except for the living room, the radiator in there is off, we have the fire lit again today.

Opening the curtains we had seen a slight snow fall, but the time I had walked through to the kitchen, put on the coffee and drawn the curtains it was falling steadily as it has all day. 

No shed work done today, the path up to the shed is like glass, it will have to wait another couple of days.

R & J have a hump back bridge over the canal on their way into
 the village, wonder if they made it in to chapel this morning.......

We have spent the day in the warm, we were late getting breakfast we just had fruit at lunchtime, so the chicken for our supper is almost ready I just have the veg and roasties to cook. There is a programme on my combi microwave for roast potato's, I am going to try it out see what they turn out like.

Busy week again tuesday we have friends coming for a cup of tea, Wednesday we are going to see DD2 and on Thursday we are off to see my quilting Guru.  Friday will be a quiet day remembering Nicholas who died on 15th December 2015. Christmas is not a good time in our family.

Thankfully the medication is doing its job........3 days still to go.

So roast chicken, spuds, cauli, calabrese and carrot for supper. No dessert tonight we have fresh fruit to eat.

Saturday, 9 December 2017


We were late getting up this morning, I did not wake until after 8.30. So a quick nip into the shower and breakfast.

DB wanted to get stuff back into the shed, I hauled the table, which weighs a tonne, out and then the legs, took me about 10 minutes to re-assemble it. Two shelf units from the coal house, now I can light the fire again, the plastic chest the lawn mower, and two bags of garden nets. At this point my back was screaming NOOOO!! so I announced it was time to go in.

The medication is working its magic, but it does make me feel tired. 4 days to go.

I had to fill the boiler up this morning, the pressure was a bit snow as yet but its bitterly cold, we are forecast snow tonight and all tomorrow. Shades of 2010 in East Linton. We do have a bus route through the village so we should not be too bad. It takes you a roundabout way into Melton but not keen on taking the short route, the hill will be like glass if we get snow. I am going to turn the thermostat down when we go to bed and switch the clock to 24 hours.

I need to get my baking head on, we have visitors coming on Tuesday, think it will be scones and lemon drizzle cake. Quick and easy.

We just had cheese and biscuits last night after our huge lunch, tonights supper, all day breakfast, bacon, sausage, egg, tomato and fried bread.

Friday, 8 December 2017


We have just got back from the Christmas lunch. Some people did not turn up which was a shame, the meal was excellent as usual. Full turkey lunch, christmas pudding, mince pies and mints with the coffee

After lunch we went into the chapel to wait for the entertainment.

The school children arrived and were soon entertaining us with a programme of Christmas carols.

We walked back round home, glad to get in out of the intense really is raw outside. A cup of tea soon warmed us up.

The chap was here at 7am to start putting the shed up, there were a couple of problems which were quickly resolved and he left around 10.30, closely followed by the cleaners. We have a nice clean house again.

Tomorrow will be spent putting everything back in the shed.

No supper tonight, we may have cheese and biscuits much later!!

Thursday, 7 December 2017


After seeing the weather forecast I decided to go into Melton and stock up, just in case we get a heavy snow fall. As long as it comes after the shed is put up I could not care. However a quick trip involved me spending £42.

Thankfully we heard from DB's family in Ventura, they are away from the fire, it moved round the back of them. The air is filled with smoke, people are being told not to go out. We were so pleased to hear they were ok. I well remember sitting at the table eating Christmas dinner in bright sunshine with snow on the mountains at the back of us. The mountains involved were about 20 miles away as the crow flies. I presume this is where the fire ripped through. There are lots of heavily wooded areas in that part of California. We went up to Solvang for a visit, the road went through a dense forest and the services were on an area that had been cleared of trees. Jock told us that they filmed a lot of the westerns around there, I could quite believe it. I would not have been surprised to see a group of Indian braves riding over the top of the mountains.

There were strong winds last night, but the bits for the new shed remained upright and have not moved. It was raining when I left to go into town, now at almost lunch time its fine and we keep getting glimpses of the sun!! The temperature is forecast to drop below freezing later, brrrrrr.....glad I have my thermals on.

This is the tree skirt I sold at the Artisan Fair the other week. Was sent this picture today.

I will be trotting off to see the Dr after lunch........ watch this space.

Of course I knew the diagnosis, medication given. It was only September that I was last at the Drs with the same thing. Apparently had I been male and not post menopausal, I would not be suffering in the same its back to drinking water and taking the medication.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


I am really toiling with this UTI, thank goodness I see the Dr tomorrow. 

We went to the coffee morning and I sold a few more bits, E collected the bags, so I have nothing outstanding. DB and our neighbour went to the over 80's do at the village hall, it was put on by the Lions. I decided to go to bed after he went out, had just got up when he arrived back bearing gifts. He won lemon drizzle biscuits in the raffle and also brought home 2 mince pies, we will have them after supper tonight.

Supper, bacon fritatta, tomato salad and jacket spuds.

Nothing on tomorrow except to go to the Drs after lunch. Friday the chaps should be here to put up the shed, they are due first thing, so DB will go with us for the lunch.......

DB said the little boy who caused so much amusement singing the carols last year was in the group of children singing at the meeting this afternoon, DB says he still sings at the top of his voice, mouth wide open. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Bad night for me, I appear to have another UTI,,,,,,I was going to go and sit at the Drs, when I got there the waiting room was full of sneezing and coughing people, so I decided to make an appointment instead, in the meantime copious amounts of water being drunk.

We are very concerned about DB's cousin, he lives in his parents house in Ventura CA. where there are wildfires raging. We understand that many of the residents have been told to evacuate their homes. Looking at the pictures on the US news the fire is right behind the house. Several of the places we used to visit have been badly affected with the fires. K keeps her horse at Ojai which has already been affected. The fire was progressing at a speed of an acre per second.

Well this arrived this lunchtime...

The 3rd shed, lets hope its 3rd time lucky. Both DB and the driver checked over each piece as it was propped up against the back wall of the bungalow. The driver said he thought the fact the previous 2 sheds had been laid on the grass contributed to the problems; so hopefully, as its against the wall and under the eaves of the bungalow it will be ok for a couple of days. The installers will be here anytime after 7am on Friday, its the first job. They had better be finished by 12 noon, we are due at the chapel for the Christmas Lunch.

Tomorrow we have the coffee morning at the chapel, the car is packed with the left overs from the Artisan sale.

I have not done much today, trying to rest up in the vain hope that the UTI might go away.

Supper is prepped, beef casserole with dumpling, cauli and calabrese. There is enough of the crumble left for dessert.

Monday, 4 December 2017


We almost slept through the alarm this morning, just managed it out before 8.15.

Its a very cold morning, there has been a hard frost, people in the close scrapping their cars before going out.

Laundry out on the line, doubt it will dry much but I can finish it off in the house, either on the rads or the airer.

I still not used to cleaning Monday and Friday morning, its seems strange not to be getting the cleaning stuff out. To distract myself this morning I prepped the beef stew for tomorrow nights supper. It always tastes better if its cooked the day before. 

The gooseberry and apple crumble I made yesterday will do for dessert for another couple of nights. DB likes semolina so I may do him some during the week. I cannot stand it or tapioca. I do use semolina when I make shortbread though, replace an ounce of flour with semolina, makes it nice and short, give it a 'nutty' taste. I have also made it with cornflour which works the same.

Why is it, the minute I pack away the machine I want to start sewing???? yesterday afternoon, I had to fight with myself not to go through and start making a different type of small bag. DB says he will put a lock on the door!! No sewing until after Christmas.

Egg, beans and wedges for supper tonight.

Time for a cuppa.........