Saturday, 23 September 2017


DB had an appointment for his flu jab this morning, so a quick trip to the Drs. I cannot have it allergic to the albumen the virus is in.

A reasonable night, woke a couple of times, but went back to sleep ok.

Fine but cold day, we had a brief show of sun but it soon clouded over.

Sad to read today that one of my childhood friends passed away two weeks ago, he was one of a set of twins. Never married but spent time looking after his parents until they died. He was a talented organist.

Supper tonight sausage, mash and veg, no idea whats for dessert if anything.

Friday, 22 September 2017


Fine sunny day but brrrrrr cold.

After having an hours nap yesterday afternoon I had a job to get to sleep last night, managed eventually and slept till just after 8am, did not have to get up to the toilet in the night either.

Sitting room bit of the friday clean done, the kitchen can wait till tomorrow. No laundry to hang out.

I have re made the bed in the sewing room, so if I need to I can go and get in there.  Had a phone call re the shed, it will be delivered next Friday and erected  on Monday 2nd October. Strangely that would have been Nicholas's 47th birthday. Under normal circumstances he would have erected it for us. I will be pleased when its up and we can start putting the stuff in it. DB wants to coat the floor with preservative before anything gets put in it. I will be able to get the little dryer and table out there, giving me more room in the sewing room.

I phoned about my machine yesterday, They discovered that the base was not level, it was 1/8th inch out from one end to the other. They had contacted Janome to be told that it would be 5 months before they could get a new base, it would have to be specially made. DD insisted they took the base off a new machine and sent it to him to be fitted, it arrived on Tuesday. There were a couple of other things that needed sorting the needle threader was crackered, which I knew, and I had also knocked the timing out sewing that last bag, so all together with the service it cost me £240.00 It will be back on Tuesday. No more heavy bag making from now on!!

We are taking my neighbour out for afternoon tea, so better go and sort myself out.

No fish and chips tonight, we might have egg on toast later.

Thursday, 21 September 2017


A better night was had by both of us.

This morning I left DB in bed and went into town shopping, he was up by the time I got back. Still had his headache but this afternoon reported it seemed to be easing. He spent some time in the garden before lunch.

I had hung laundry out before I went out, brought it in after lunch as it clouded over, glad  I did it started to rain just after 3pm and slung it down for quite a while. I ironed the sheets etc, so that jobs done, I can remake the bed in the sewing room in case I need to use it.

DB went for his siesta, after a cup of tea, I took his place and did nod off for about an hour. I have an awful lot of sleep to catch up on.

It has turned quite cold since the rain, so have lit the fire in the sitting room, I will put the sitting room rad off and put the heating on a bit later, the bedroom will be warm when we go to bed.

Just phoned about my machine, its just cost me £245 for service and a couple of things to be put right. Ouch!!! I should get it back on Tuesday. I will be able to get on with some sewing. 

Awful news this week, 4 earthquakes and the horrendous damage done by the hurricane. One of my blog readers lives in New Zealand I hope she is ok.

My grand daughter is due to go to Mexico on honeymoon next month.........

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Yesterday was not a good day, DB and I had 'words' late yesterday afternoon, he now knows exactly how I feel about the situation.

I did not sleep too well last night, DB was restless. I would have gone back into the sewing room except I had stripped the bed to wash the linen. I only have a single duvet cover for that bed. I have bought another one, waiting for it to be delivered.

Towels washed and dried on the line.

Went to the GP's this afternoon, she has already written and asked for an earlier urgent appointment for DB, he has to take 2 tablets at bedtime tonight. I am also on medication for the stress and to help me sleep at night. She admitted she could see that DB had gone down a lot from the last time she saw him. So we wait.......

Booked the car in for a service next week. 

Was going to do pasties for supper, just cannot hack it, so mice and tatties with carrots and french beans. DB picked another load of raspberries.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


A reasonable night last night, have decided to go back into our room tonight, see how I go. Day bed stripped will wash the linen tomorrow.

Line of laundry out this morning, towels in to wash tonight, wet room and toilet cleaned, also did a bit of moving round in the sewing room. I have a pile of ironing to do. Might do it tomorrow.

Its a fine morning DB much as usual, has been out in the garden taking the beans down and sorting out a few bits. His headache is not too bad today, so he says.

Corned beef salad tonight, will do some mash with it for a change. Have taken out mince I plan to make pasties for supper tomorrow, its ages since I made any, DB brought me in a turnip, will grate some to put in with cubed potato.

Monday, 18 September 2017


Thankfully, both of us slept ok, I put the light out early, I was very tired, DB's light was still on.

Stripped the bed, hope to get the laundry dry on the line, its a bit grey looking just now.

I did get the tablet set up yesterday after a false start, have loaded some stuff up on it including borrowbox, was reading a story on there.

After a difficult conversation with DB it has been decided that I will just go to the ceremony for DGD's wedding, DB will stay at home. I will be away for about 3 hours and a neighbour will keep a watching brief on DB. There is no way he is going to be fit to go. I will have to let my daughter know after we have seen the Dr on Wednesday. I am upset but I cannot be away for any longer than that. We were only going to stay for the meal afterwards as it meant we would be travelling home in the dark over roads I do not know. They are having a disco which is not our scene anyway.

Did not do the full Monday clean, by the time I had hung out the laundry and changed the bed, I was about done in, so just did the bedroom, will do the wet room tomorrow.

It's turned out sunny so the laundry has dried, will fetch it in and fold it.

DB having his siesta, he was out in the garden again this morning. I am very concerned about him, the constant headache is affecting him badly. Roll on our visit to the Drs Wednesday, see if I can get them to do something about an earlier appointment. Do not hold out much hope, having to wait that long fills with dread.

Egg chips and beans for supper, just cannot be bothered to do anything else.

In the garden this morning.

Sunday, 17 September 2017


DB did not have a good night, he told me he was still awake at 3am, makes a change, I did sleep ok.

I went into Melton this morning left DB in bed, he was up by the time I got back. The tablet I returned has been credited, I just need to keep an eye on my account to make sure it does come back. I bought a new tablet, its driven me nuts trying to set it up.

Its been a bit of a dull day here and its now trying to rain. Hope its ok tomorrow, its bed change day.

Roast pork spuds, calabrese and carrots for supper. No idea about dessert, it might just be choc ices.

Sorry its a short entry for today. More tomorrow hopefully.