Thursday, 22 February 2018


Heavy overnight frost so plans to go into town were shelved until after lunch.

We were late getting up this morning as we had a bad night last night, we were drinking tea at took me a while to wake up this morning.

After lunch the sun came out but the wind was cruel and it was very cold. DB decided it was too cold to go out to the shed.

I spent more than I intended in Aldi, but the forecast for next week is dire, so I bought enough to tide us over for another 2 weeks.....supper tonight quiche, jacket spud and baked tomato's. I made a creme caramel for dessert, it will do us a couple of nights.

My quilting friend rang yesterday and put our trip back to tomorrow. I want to go to the plant nursery in Enderby, so we will go out around 10am to get to Desford by lunchtime. DB wants more seed potato's I want a bare root climbing Compassion rose if they have one. I will then have enough cash left to get plug fuchsias and geraniums when they come in later.

I had to break out the dyson this afternoon, the kitchen floor was disgraceful. I hope its a fine morning on Saturday, I want to mop it.

My bread maker has had it, 3 loaves in a row duds despite using fresh yeast, so I have bought a new one. John Lewis had it £20 cheaper than getting it direct from Panasonic, so I have ordered it from them. 2018 is proving to be an expensive year so far. I called at the garage and paid the bill for the mirror, J is going to get a spray can of paint to re-spray the back of the mirror a bit closer to the colour of the car.

                  This cheeky little boy is a year old in 2 weeks time.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Not a nice day, very misty and so cold.

I took the car round this morning to get the new mirror fitted, it is going to cost me £100+, that will teach me to trust a manitou driver to keep to his side of the road.......I am still annoyed. The chap from the garage will bring it back for me along with the bill.

The logistics company phoned yesterday to say the settee was ready for delivery, It is coming on Tuesday. I have arranged with Emmaus to collect the bed settee on Monday, so one day sitting in the bucket chair. I am excited but a bit nervous at the same time.  

I am going to have to look at buying lean steak mince. Yesterday I used 6 sheets of kitchen roll to skim the fat off the mince. I think it was the liquid fat that was putting DB off mince. He ate all his supper last night.

Chicken and leek pasta tonight, chicken is cooked so just have the pasta to cook and thicken the sauce......

We are off to see my quilting friend tomorrow. I want to call and pick up some lilies. Next week is going to be hard......

I am still waiting for a reply from the cleaners about the bill, I checked the contract to see what notice I have to give them. I need to talk with my neighbour again. I feel that they are not doing as good a job and rushing things, however we will see.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


I was up and at the Drs by 8.30 and home 10 minutes later, having had an armful of blood taken. Have to wait a week before I can see the Dr for the results, she will be on holiday next week.

OH was in the shower when I got in, so breakfast and then a load of washing in the machine. It was fine enough to hang the laundry outside. I got two loads dry, aired it off and its folded ready to be put away.

Phone call this afternoon, the new settee is going to be delivered next Tuesday. I have arranged for the bed settee to be collected on Saturday, so I will be sitting on the little tub chair for a few days.....I will have time to clean where the old settee has been before the new one arrives.

Mince and tatties for supper tonight. The last of the strawberries in jelly for dessert.

Monday, 19 February 2018


It was raining this morning, so bed changed, sheets etc washed and dried in the dryer, just need ironing now.

No walk, it was too wet.

I had an appointment at the Drs this afternoon, have to go back tomorrow for blood tests and then back again in 2 weeks for the results.

Called at the garage about the mirror, have had to order it, another £100 will be wednesday before it will be done, if its in stock.

Sunday, 18 February 2018


Usual Sunday morning breakfast in bed. A fine but cold morning, we were out walking for 25 minutes, wind was cold.

Had a look at the nursery bed, if its dry and not too cold tomorrow I will sort out the orchids and also the pots for this years annuals, one of the fuchsias seems to have survived the winter, so will cut it back a bit to encourage it to shoot lower down. I have a feeling DB will be wanting to get out into the shed.

I need to do the veg for supper, we are having shoulder of lamb, slow roasted in the oven with butternut squash, roast spuds and brussels. I am going to do a fruit jelly for dessert.

I have a problem with my cleaner.......she presented me with a bill on Friday, which showed a date they were not here. I have challenged her about it, waiting to hear. They have been late arriving the last few times they have come. I do not feel they are doing as good a job as when they first started. They are also quick to leave, and I know they are not giving my neighbour a full hour. I timed them on Friday and they left after 3/4 of an hour. I was with my neighbour yesterday, unfortunately she did not keep the invoice, but paid by cheque and gave the invoice back to them. I am afraid they pulled the same trick on her.

I have emailed the Company, waiting for a reply, but am now wondering whether to give them notice. The standard has dropped since they first started. I think she is trying to expand her business too quickly, which is a big mistake.

Saturday, 17 February 2018


Bright morning, when we eventually got up it had clouded over, but we still went out for a walk. I did manage better this morning, my back did not hurt so much and my breathing was better. Possibly because it was not so cold.

No plans for the rest of the day, rain is forecast for this afternoon. I have decided that I am going to out all the orchid plants, I am more than a bit fed up with them. Will not be replacing them unless someone gives me one as a present.

When I was at Aldi the other day I bought another Camellia pink this time, it will go in the piece of garden we reclaimed from where the laurel hedge was. It was a present to me from a friend, thank you C. I still have some cash left so will be looking for geraniums and fuchsias for the pots a bit later. I can bring them on in the house until its time to plant them out in their pots. I have to repot the clematis on the back of the bungalow, we cut it down at the back end ready to do it once it starts to grow again.

DB asked for steak pie for supper with mash and cauliflower, so thats what he is getting. I have to prep the lamb for tomorrow, stud it with garlic and then leave it to marinade in red wine until its time to cook it.

DB will be going for his siesta shortly, I have a couple of programmes to watch on TV  until he gets up.

Friday, 16 February 2018


What is it they say, things happen in threes? well the second incident involving the car. We were coming back from R & J.s when I overtook a Manitou the stupid driver decided to drive in the middle of the road and took out my passenger side mirror, blooming I have to wait for a new mirror to come in and the garage to replace the smashed one!!

The cleaners came this morning, when they had gone we went out for a walk, it was sunny but very least it was dry.

After DB had been for his siesta We took a load of books and stuff to the charity shop and then carried on to see our travelling pastor friends, they are off on their travels this weekend.

Fish, chips and peas for supper tonight.