Friday, 21 July 2017

Gosh its windy

Sunny but very windy, the trees are going every which way.

Friday clean done, I managed to wash the kitchen floor at last, pleased about that.

I went round to the craft group and took the three bags, I also gave E her bag, she was delighted with it. Measured the lady who wants a messenger type bag, I think I have figured out how to make it......

After lunch I started to make this......

Back on zipper bags again, it took me ages to remember how to do them and put the lining in!!

DB was out in the garden this morning cutting the grass, he has also started on the weeds in the herbaceous border again. The white lilies in the pot have started to come out, the others had died off so a new lily in the house for a week or so.

Fish, chips and peas for supper. DB forgot his yogurt at lunchtime so he will have that for dessert. I am trying to keep off too many desserts, so will sit and watch him eat his yogurt!!

Thursday, 20 July 2017


The last bag I am making for a bit, time to go onto other stuff.

Such a pretty pattern on the fabric.

Terrible night again last night, after 4am before I managed to get off. DB brought my breakfast in bed, I managed out of bed by 10am.

It rained overnight and for most of the morning, but not the torrents they have had elsewhere, I doubt it will have even wet the top surface. It has cleared and we have blue skies and a breeze again.

DB spent the morning clearing out old paper work, the files were bulging with rubbish, it has all been shredded and is now in the bin for the recycle people next week.

B's daughter is going to Birmingham airport later today, she has booked into the airport hotel, her flight leaves at 6.30am tomorrow, she will be home in Spain by mid day. That will just leave K here for another 2 weeks.

Nothing much going on, its very quiet here, even the farm traffic seems to have stopped for now.

I have one last library book to read, so guess I had better get on with it, being able to use borrowbox is great I can pick books to read in between library books.

Sausage, mash and beans for supper tonight.......a few raspberries to use up, will pull some more rhubarb at the weekend, another week and the picking season will be over, time for the plants to conserve their energy for next year. We are picking courgettes and climbing beans just nor, the french beans are just starting to develop, might be enough for Sunday now we have had some rain.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Cooler Day

but still a bit on the muggy side. The sun is threatening to break through, it could be very hot after lunch, then we are forecast heavy rain and thunderstorms........we need the rain, I can do without the thunder thank you!!

Not a good night, DB could not settle, he was too hot, although the bedroom was cool. We were drinking tea at 2am.

He has been out in the garden, the big bag of chippings has been emptied, we are going to use it to store stuff in when we empty the shed next month.

Some financial moving about done, I am trying to get things so I do not have to go into our overdraft at the beginning of each month, not easy as most of the bills come out on the first. Thankfully our account has a fee free O/D which is a great help at times.

I put the fabric I cannot use on freecycle yesterday, it has been collected this morning by a school teacher, so the huge bag has disappeared from the hall. I have a stack I need to find a home for though. I did start another bag yesterday, some pretty silk curtain fabric, will just make a smallish bag, no outer pocket but several inside.

We are off to the dump with the old TV, after DB has his siesta, will then call and see P in Bottesford, I have some new spuds and climbing beans for her from the garden.

DB is getting to grips with the new TV, he could not understand that he no longer has to switch the sat box on, the TV comes up on its own, the box just needs setting if we want to record a programme to watch later.

Bread made yesterday so cheese and pickle sandwiches for lunch. I have done the veg for tonight, chicken and bacon pot pies.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Another nice day, thankfully not as hot as it was yesterday I think 27c was the highest recorded today.

A quick flash round the wet room and toilet and shoved the dyson over the carpets, could not be bothered to do much else. Towels in the washer, dried on the line, there has been a breeze all day.

I slept much better last night, I was very tired.

DB and I moved the sentry box, but have decided its not in the right place, so it will be getting moved again round the side of the house. It mucks up my nursery bed, but I can move that over the other side of the garden to where the hedge has been cut back.

I sorted through the fabric I was gifted, there is a lot that I cannot use, so I will pass it on to a craft group or some such. Another bag is in production, this time made out of silk curtain fabric.......

Tomorrow we are going to take the old TV to the tip and call on our friend in Bottesford on the way back. I expect DB will be in the garden in the morning.

Bacon fritatta and salad for supper, we ate the cake from yesterday for afternoon tea. I had coffee and walnut, DB chocolate, very nice.

Monday, 17 July 2017

A Day to say Goodbye

A lousy nights sleep, it was 3.30 the last time I looked at the clock, will be crackered later.

Its a lovely sunny morning, there is a slight breeze. I put a load in the washer last night, its dancing on the line, it should dry.

We just had cereal at breakfast time, I am going to make bacon sandwiches a bit later, it will be 2.30 at least by the time we get back from Grantham. DB has moved the car out onto the road from the cul de sac so there is room in the car park for extra cars. At least its a nice sunny day..........I am still in a bit of a quandary about what to will be resolved shortly.

Up date.....

Eventually grey trousers and a white top were decided on.....It has been a glorious day for a funeral, the sun is blisteringly hot, the crematorium was quite cool, but when we came out the heat hit us. A funeral service is never a happy time but the sun made it a bit better.

A lovely service, our local pastor gave a lovely talk, his message was one of love love between P & B and the love P had for his children. The chapel was full and there was a guard of honour from his pals in the REME social group that he and B belonged to.

The reception at the little chapel was excellent, lots of food including a superb strawberry trifle, scones and cream and three different types of cake, victoria sponge, chocolate cake and coffee cake.

We came home with a doggie bag each, we will not need any supper tonight, might just have one of the cupcakes each later.

B's daughter is here until Thursday, she flies back early Friday morning, K is here until 3rd August, so he will be with his Mum, once he flies back to South Africa it will be time for the neighbours to take up the slack.

Tomorrow is another day.............

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Sultry Sunday

After a lot of discussion we eventually decided to buy a new TV. I ordered a cheapie from Argos and we went in and collected it this morning. It was really an expense I could have done without.

Called to see DD2 she and DGD were busy in the front garden, I cannot believe how different it looks, they have cut the hedge right back and DGD took a spade to the grass and has uncovered crazy paving which has been covered by grass for years. We had a cup of tea and cake and then came home.

DN wanted to clean the car for tomorrow, neither of us were hungry so he went for his siesta whilst I decided to struggle and set up the TV...... put the feet on.....put in the aerial and sat box connections, switched on...boom, boom boom it set itself up, so watching the men's final.....DB has just had a cup of tea and a cherry bakewell tart, he is now washing the car.

Roast pork for supper, we will have it a bit earlier as we did not have lunch, probably around 4.30.

Tomorrow is not going to be an easy day............

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Murky Day

Its a misty, murky day, very grey and quite a breeze, there was rain in the air earlier.

Late up this morning, I threw the duster and Dyson round the sitting room and kitchen floor, thats it for now. I will wash the floor next week, will have to do the Monday clean tomorrow, we will be out for most of Monday.

DB is bowling this afternoon, so about to go for his siesta, I have cut up the remains of the chenille fabric, enough to make a long narrow bag, need to over lock that and the lining. Might get is done on the other hand might not.

The countryside around us is changing, the oil seed rape has long been harvested, silage seems to be the main thing now. Corn is starting to ripen so that will be the next thing. Fields are being ploughed ready for winter wheat.

Two of our neighbours have now got pots of flowers at the front door, so the gardens are looking nice, afraid our front grass is not looking so good, it has been scarified within and inch of its life, so now we need to sow new grass seed and use cotton to stop the birds for having a good feed. The the grass of the other side will have to be done as well. 

I am undecided what to do with the piece in front of the hedge we had cut out, I am not sure if much will grow, the roots of the hedge take a lot of moisture and goodness out of the soil and its very compacted. I might lay weed suppressant down and use bark chippings on it, then stand pots on, need to think about it a bit more.

DB is concerned if our neighbour takes the laurel right out people can see into the back garden from her front.......a piece of trellis might be needed. Will have to wait and see what happens. I know she was getting someone to come and look at it.

DB gets his high tea at the bowls tonight so jacket spud, cheese and coleslaw for me.

The last tapestry bag, there was a small square of fabric left, its in the bin!! This bag is not as long as the others but slightly wider does not have the full length pockets inside, I ran out of lining fabric too.

Oh woe is me!! I went to watch the TV and it appears to have gone to the  TV graveyard in the sky. Tried everything I know....nothing. changed the fuse, nothing, checked the plug, nothing.....looks like we are needing a new TV....what to do with the old one????

DB is going to have to sit and read tonight.