Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A job well done

When we had the carpets fitted, I did not really think about the front door. the carpet was showing signs of the rubber flange under the door marking the carpet, and we could not have a mat at the door to step on with dirty shoes, not enough clearance under the door. I rang the carpet shop, the chap came yesterday and measured up, this morning he phoned, within an hour the new mat was installed.

So now you step in onto the mat and then onto a further slip mat if you want to take off your shoes. 

Pleased to say that DB is a little better this morning, I did manage to get him round to the coffee morning at the little Church in the Lane, we then walked down to the post office and back round the square home. He insists that he will be fine for Friday. He has a bottle of jallop to take twice a day, to try and  'clear him out'.

It was quite misty first thing, but the sun is valiantly trying to get through just now. We had a lady round with a survey about the recent work they did for the council, I left DB answer it. Neither of us were particularly impressed especially with the work on the facias, which we were told would  removed and replaced by UPVC. In fact all they did was rub them down and paint over the rotten bits in a years time they will need doing again.

Quiche and salad for supper, doing a couple of jacket spuds as well. No idea what we will have for dessert as yet.

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  1. So glad things are settling down there, that the mat for the entry door is fitted, and that you and DB accomplished some pleasant errands despite the mist.

    Cheers that DB is feeling better, too.

    I'm about to tackle getting the Christmas tree ready for storage and that will be a workout for my hands so no sewing today for me. I certainly do miss the energy I used to have!



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