Thursday, 14 January 2016

Better Night

Slightly better night, DB stopped coughing long enough to get to sleep, woke just once. I was very tired and did sleep in, breakfast in bed again.

Load of laundry hung out, it had almost dried when I nipped out to get it in, its on the airer in the hall airing off.

Pate on toast for lunch, the invalid is having a nap. His cough is not so harsh this morning and he does not appear to be running a temperature. He says his head feels heavy, so guess he had stuffed up sinuses. I given him the spray that I use for my sinusitis, should clear him until this evening.

I am going to look at having an order from Morrison, I am not going to get into town tomorrow, I can order bottles and cans that are heavy to carry. Along with the things I do need.

I am holding up ok, did have a message from GD yesterday about an iron she borrowed from her Dad. My ex was seeing the solicitor on Tuesday, need to ring and see how he got on.

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  1. Cheers for a much better night's sleep as the daily stuff is easier to deal with when well rested. Am glad, too, that DB's miseries are lessening and I wish him well.

    It's warmer here today so we intend to have a grocery trip. Yesterday was just too cold to be silly and go out.

    I seem to still be enduring a lupus flare as my fatigue is far worse than usual and a night's sleep isn't restorative. Bother! Please excuse my whinging ... ta.



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