Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Gosh it's windy

Drs first, DB has to wait another week, if he is no better he has to go back, it's was suggested that some multi vitamins might be in order. The lump on my thumb is the result of the arthritis in my thumb......

Off then across the county to my quilting friends. Lovely bowl of chicken soup and a piece of apple pie and cream, yum yum!!

DB went and sat in the sitting room with his book. I sorted out some problems that CR had with her IPad. Another cuppa, and biscuits and we were on our way home. Made it just before dark descended. Lit the fire and by supper time it was cosy in the sitting room.

It has been very windy today, we did have some rain but not the amount we were expecting.

Tomorrow we are off to Grantham to do the shopping at Aldi.

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  1. What a full but lovely day you had and I know your visit with your sweet quiltie friend was a delight for both of you. It's nice DB could happily keep his nose in a book while you two visited with each other.

    Hope the vitamins help DB and hope there's something to ease the misery in your thumb.

    It's nearly balmy here and there's a lot of thawing happening, but snow remains deep in the shaded areas. I had to take my coat off while trekking to the mailbox and next door as the effort it took to walk in the deep snow made me hot. Have four loads of laundry on the go between the 2 houses and am tired.



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