Saturday, 30 January 2016

Oh Fizz

Another bad night with DB coughing, the last time it happened we had been out to my friends, yesterday we had been shopping....hmmmmm. It was 11.30 before I got out of bed. Since then I have done the Friday clean. DB has been messing in the garden, it was fine and the sun shining, so we will see what happens tonight.

Just cup a soup for lunch, frittata for supper, with cheese I think and salad. Pork is out for tomorrow defrosting.

It was a bright morning but it has clouded over now, think we are due rain yet again........


  1. Well, bother! What is up that triggers this annoying cough when he's lying down? Should he sleep on his side? Should he use an extra pillow to elevate his head? Should he spray his throat once again before getting in bed? Hope you and he find a helpful solution.

    I didn't feel good this morning so it was nearly noon when I got up for the day. Now it's like half the day is gone and it is.

    We have sunshine and the temperature is just above 50*F but the frozen snow is slow to melt. The next two days are forecast to be in the low 60s*F so that may melt what's left. Hard to believe last Saturday was when the blizzard happened.

    Goodness! I seem to be writing a book.


  2. Oh dear that wretched cough won't give over. I hope DB is going to have a word with the doctor this coming week so that you can both get some rest.

    Nice that DB can potter in the garden. I keep seeing photos of snowdrops and daffodils on some of the other blogs. Nothing at all growing here as yet but today has been mild for the end of January.

    All the best.


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