Sunday, 24 January 2016


I see my stalker has returned, this message is for you!!

Draw your neck in and go bother someone else. I am not justifying to you or anyone else why we moved last June.

Washing as good as dried on the whirly today. It has been quite windy. Still no news about DS1's partner, ex will phone me.

A quick nip into town to get some knitting wool, DB managed to get seed potato's from Wilkinson and I got my quilting friend some shallots.

DS2's daughter sent a message to ask if I wanted the freezer back that I gave him 3 years ago, its coming home to roost when ex can get it into his car. I have an idea where it will go. I can certainly use it especially if DB manages to fully utilise our veg garden.

Busy week ahead. Drs and my quilting friend on Tuesday, Aldi at Grantham on Wednesday, quilting group on Thursday. I have made up a couple of samples to show the ladies for the workshop. I have the mats in a separate bag. We have a lady coming for a taster session, if she decides to stay it will bring the numbers back up again.

Fingers crossed the weather will be ok tomorrow, I need to change the bed linen and also wash towels, it would be good to get them dry outside for a change.


  1. It sounds like your week ahead will be delightful, but busy. Good to have your freezer back soon, too, as you can make good use of it.

    Wishing you good weather tomorrow so you can do your washing as planned. We'll be snowed in for a few days since we got so much snow that it will take some time to melt. Happily, the next 3 days will have temperatures above freezing so that will help.


  2. hope you manage to get the freezer back soon and I know you will make good use of it when the garden comes into its own.

    So sorry to hear the troll has surfaced again. Obviously she is so jealous of your life because she doesn't have one of her own. Hopefully she'll call back under her stone. Hugs to you both.

  3. So sorry to hear that troll is back. Good gravy do they not have a life of their own rather than wanting to know why you moved. They really do need to get a life.


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