Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Sun, but its Brrrrrr

Up and out this morning. Into town, filled the car up, under £1 a, then on to the library. I left OH in there and went over to Boyes for some bits and we then drove round to Lidl. Was pleasantly surprised at the bill, £12, brill.

Once home, soup on for lunch with some toast, put the shopping away. I replaced the battery in the bell so its working ok now, the ringer in the sitting room needed new batteries too.

The sun is out and mist cleared but its really cold when you are outside. A quick skip and jump to the coal house to sort out laying the fire, already to light it around 4pm. DB has gone for his siesta, I got him some cough sweets today, if his cough has not cleared by Monday he will be going to the Drs again. He slept sitting up again last  night. Took me a while to get off, but only roused when the alarm went off.

We have to be up early tomorrow, need to be at the venue just after 9am, so we need to leave here at 8.30. Everything is ready to go.

Bacon and shallot fritatta for supper tonight, will do a side salad to have with it. I bought 2 jam donuts from Lidl to have with our afternoon tea, naughty but nice!!


  1. We indulged in lovely home-made veggie soup for lunch with croutons (home-made, not bought ones), followed by some Waitrose ginger cake with hot custard, just the thing for a cold day. But, really, living in the English Riviera, it's not as cold as in other parts ... we had a stroll around Torquay harbour this morning with son and grandson and it was lovely in the sunshine, quite mild in fact, provided you had a coat and scarf and gloves!
    Margaret P

  2. What a day of accomplishments you've had! Well done and I applaud your decision to get yourself a couple of yummy jam donuts for tea while you were out this morning.

    Your dinner menu sounds delicious!

    Wising you well with tomorrow's doings.

    DS2 was sick last night so I slept there in case he had problems. Different bed, different pillow, slept with one ear open so am feeling rather tired this morning. He seems fine, tho.

    I'm headed for the library as day after tomorrow we're expecting snow so I need to stock up on books.



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