Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Terrible night, DB spent most of it coughing, so very little sleep, we did drift off around 7am, it was 10 am before I woke and well after 11 am before I got dressed. Made the breakfast and we ate it in bed.

Lunch was just cheese and biscuits. DB has asked for mince and dough balls for supper, I need to make the dough balls, the mince is de frosting. Will do cauli and carrots with it.

Its very windy, we have had a couple of showers but the rain held off long enough for us to walk down to the post office and collect the TV Choice.

I had to undo 6 rows on the baby coat, trust me to make a muck up of the most difficult rows in the pattern because I was watching the Marigold hotel programme at the same time.

Hope for a better night tonight, we did not get to Aldi will have to go either Friday or Sunday. Its the quilting group tomorrow, first one of the year. DB's sitter is coming to stay with him whilst I am out. Gives me peace of mind.


  1. Hope you can get DB some effective cough medicine as his all night coughing is something neither of you need to endure. I remember taking a prescription med. called Tessalon Perles and went from coughing up my toenails to eh-heh with no push or noise.

    Sorry about the goof-up in your knitting pattern but I can see why you'd be distracted while watching that funny movie. I'm about to pick stitches out of the four 4 patches for one of my star blocks as I've decided one fabric in each 4 patch is too pale so will have to be replaced. I also need to sew a button back onto a sweatshirt jacket.

    Cheers for the kind sitter whose presence DB enjoys and that gives you such peace of mind.

    Still lots of snow that needs to melt here as walking outside continues to require boots and lots of effort.


  2. So sorry to hear that DB continues to suffer with night time coughing and lack of sleep for the both of you. I do hope your doctor will be of help when he goes in next week working toward a solution.

    Considering last night you both did rather well to manage to walk down to the post office.

    Glad to hear the sitter is working out when you go to your quilting group. That is one less worry for you and I expect DB rather enjoys the visit.

    Take care my dear.


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