Monday, 22 February 2016

Another day another dollar

It was overcast when we got up, but its fine and sunny now, I stripped the bed and the linen is dancing on the whirly, there is quite a breeze.

DB has been dying to get out into the garden, so I did the Monday clean by myself. Took it steady and apart from working up a bit of a sweat I was ok. I also have a tea loaf in the cooker. soaked the fruit overnight in cold tea. Once its cold I will wrap it in foil and we can have it spread with butter tomorrow with out afternoon tea.

Sorted out a load for the washer tonight, tomorrow is due to be the same as today, so hopefully more dried, and maybe the basket emptied.

I am going to the Drs in the morning, Mondays is a manic day and I can wait till tomorrow. We also need to go to the iron mongers in Bingham, DB wants wire for the raspberries. They are showing signs of growth, so we need to tie them in to the wires.

Well that has never happened before, two arms on the whirly have broken off, managed to save the laundry, it was almost dry and so was the grass. Hmmmm now have to buy a new whirly.  Off to search the internet to find the best whirly and cost.

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  1. Applause for all you accomplished and your wise approach to your Monday cleaning routine. Am glad to hear that DB was able to get outside, too, as that must please him no end.

    Bother about the whirly, but seems to me the one that has fallen apart today has served you for a good long time.

    Hope your doctor has a brilliant insight into why you're so very tired.

    It's cloudy, cool, and damp here with rain in the forecast until Wednesday eve.

    I have an errand to run but then hope to trim the star blocks.



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