Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Ho Hummmmmm, why me.....

Went to the Drs. he was quite concerned about my breathlessness, I have had several lots of the red stuff taken and have to go to the Drs again in the morning for the results.

Just got back, DB came in, he had lost his balance in the garden and hit hie elbow, got him inside.....blood everywhere, he had taken a crescent shaped piece of skin off just under his elbow. I managed to close it to and stopped it bleeding, put a gauze dressing over it and phoned the Dr. Bandaged it up and took him down. Long story short, he has had 4 stitches in it, brilliant....not. I am so thankful the Dr was able to do it, saved me a trip to LRI, we could have been stuck there all day and half the night. Really fouled up my week one way or another. We were going to Aldi tomorrow, looks like a Sunday visit now, I will not be going to the quilters lunch,  although I will make it to the class . Fridays visits are still going ahead hopefully, but I will have to do the driving.

It never rains but it pours..............

At least I have managed one thing, One of Nicks friends has arranged to bring the freezer over for me, it will be a couple of weeks but thats not a problem, at least we can get it here.

We have sorted out a rough clothes line. DB had unravelled the line from the whirly, and we now have a triangle of lines. I had put a load in the washer its now on the line, hope it dries, Have another load to go in tonight ready to put out in the morning.

Phew, I am exhausted. DB is having his siesta, he is ok, managed to eat his lunch, although I have changed the supper round, he cannot bend his arm otherwise he will split his stitches, so its cut up food for a few days. Cheese and bacon quiche, jacket spuds and celery and tomato salad should keep us going. He is also off washing up duties for 10 days.


  1. Hope they find and fix the reason for you being breathless and the Misters elbow heals quickly. And you are so right...When it rains it pours. :(

  2. Oh, am so sorry you didn't get a possible diagnosis today but hope the blood tests shed some light on what's going on. Did the doctor suggest a pulmonary function study? That's how AMIL's asthma was diagnosed.

    Sorry about DB's fall and elbow injury that will be a bother to deal with until it's healed. Good that the doctor was able to stitch it up quickly so you two could return home.

    You have good reason to be exhausted again today so hope you had a nap, too.

    Rainy day here and really chilly.


  3. Its horrible when your health effects everything you do , Hope they sort you out soon xxx

  4. Sorry you had such a lousy day Anne. thinking of you both.


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