Thursday, 11 February 2016

My Goodness

We had a hard frost last night. I did think after such a nice day that might happen and it did. Plenty of windscreen scraping I guess.

It was just 1c in the garden when I went to hang another load of laundry on the whirly, the sun is quite bright, there is a slight breeze enough I hope to dry most of the laundry.

No heater on in the sitting room so I lit the fire, cleared out all the ash that collects outside the ash can, why don't they make the ash cans wider? I ended up with soot all up my arm.

DB spent some time in the garden, he has dug more out of the trench behind the coal shed, the coal was quite wet at the bottom of the heap. We are burning more wood just now. I want to try and pipe the water away from the shed.

I have got up to the armholes on the matinee coat, I have to join the sleeves in, the yoke, like the main part of the coat its knitted all in one, decreasing as you get nearer to the neck. Hope to have enough yarn to at least knit the bonnet and maybe the booties.

No idea what to make for supper tonight. I have a menu list but I do not stick rigidly to it. I do get really sick ofcooking at times, I would love to go on holiday for a week or so and get the cooking and cleaning done for me.

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  1. You've had a busy day and applause for your progress on the baby coat and DB's progress in the garden!

    Bother about the shape of the ash can and getting your arm covered in ash. Are ash cans available in different shapes so one with a broader top could be found?

    We awoke to a hard freeze, too, but out sunny days have been cold this week.

    Today's star block is purple and it's already together! Not before I sewed two quadrants of the block units together on the wrong side however. Then I had to pick that seam out, press, turn one quadrant to the correct position and sew again. Ah, well. Better to find the error now than for it go unnoticed until the quilt blocks had been joined.



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