Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sunny Again

but a very hard frost overnight. Needed to nip into town for ribbon for the bonnet, I managed to get the coat, bonnet and booties out of the ball of yarn. Pleased about that. Needed ribbon for the bonnet, had to get a creamy yellow, could not match the yarn exactly. Just have to sew up the coat and put the ribbons on the bonnet and its ready to go, will photograph it before I pack it up.

The sun had more or less melted the ice on the windscreen so no de-frosting to do, quick trip into town, got eggs and then to Boyes for the ribbon. The sun is quite bright but no real heat in it.

Last night for the first time I pulled the quilt up over the duvet, it was quite chilly. Had left my blanket on at 3 so the bed itself was warm. We had breakfast in bed.....just for a change, I laid the fire before we went out, so just put a match to it when we got back and it was soon blazing merrily away.

Lunch was more of yesterdays soup with bread I  also baked yesterday, the tomato flavour had really come out, delicious. Will not be having any tomorrow I have an appointment at the hospital and we are going to DD2's for lunch, so Tuesday will see us finish it I think.

Seems the engagement party went well last night, some pictures on facebook but none of the happy couple as yet. Have not heard from DD2 they should be back by now, they stayed overnight in Leicester.

Roast beef for supper its all prepared, just have to cook it. I had some panetone left after christmas, it was in the freezer, its now in a casserole dish to make bread and butter pudding for dessert.

DB has gone for his siesta, I might succumb to a nana nap a bit later.

Jacket etc all finished and ready to be packed. Baby due in June. Going to my great niece in Aus, so it will be the middle of their winter.


  1. Your finished baby set is just lovely. There is nothing like a handmade item to show you care. It should become an heirloom! Ellen

  2. Cheers for sunshine even without warmth as that's refreshing for the soul.

    You certainly had a busy day so hope your nana nap was just what you needed to perk you up for a good evening.

    Applause for the charming jacket/bootie/bonnet set you've made for your great-niece's new baby!


  3. Hand knit gifts are precious. Your set is so lovely. Thank you for sharing it!


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