Saturday, 6 February 2016

Yuk, its raining again

The fire stayed in all  night, I put stick on and some coal, away it went. We did not use any more fuel yesterday than we would in an evening, so I will be banking it up again tonight.

It was hissing down with rain when we got up, a quick go round with the Dyson, cleaned the loo and bathroom and mopped the kitchen floor.

T arrived right on time and we walked sown to the green with her little jack russell leading the way. There were quite a few horses already on the green. Just on 11am the hounds arrived with the whipper in and Master, the pick coats making a bright statement against the grey sky. The stirrup cap was passed round by hunt supporters and eventually they set off. No longer hunting for foxes but chasing a dragged cloth.

It was still pouring with rain as we walked home. DD2 had arrived so we had hot coffee. T set off to drive home and we had lunch. DB retired for his siesta and DD2 left to catch the 2pm bus back to Melton.

The wind has increased since I got home, we are forecast 50mph winds later.

There was a terriffically loud bang at one point, I though at first it was the gate, but then realised the farmer has sowed the field at the back of us and it was a bird scarer going off. 


  1. The weather is so getting me down at the moment today we had torrential rain and high winds , I cant wait for a glimpse of spring xxx

  2. What a full but delightful day you and DB had today! I can imagine the pleasure in finding your fireplace doesn't use more fuel when you leave it burning thru the night so your sitting room is lovely and warm first thing. Nice!

    The hunt looks so interesting, traditional, and even the dogs look happy to be there.

    It's been sunny but cool today here and we may have a bit of snow on Tuesday.

    I'm ready to sew 6 star blocks together but lack the energy after doing various tasks here and going next door to cook breakfast along with making a no-crust broccoli/ham/cheese quiche for future breakfasts.



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