Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Another bad day

The stomach upset seems to have dried up, now I am running a temperature....brilliant. Appointment with the Dr this afternoon.

Lovely day here, DB has been in the garden, some of the beds have been raked,  small poly tunnels over them to warm up the ground a bit. Seeds have been sown, they are in seed trays on the sitting room window cill.

I started sewing some of the quilt blocks, but had to give up, running with sweat, it was dripping off the end of my nose onto the fabric!!! Will be spending most of the afternoon on the settee.

Just had a flyer through the door, Aldi is opening a new store 5 miles from us 24th March. No more drives to Grantham!!!


  1. Oh, I'm dismayed your miseries have evolved into having a fever now. Hope the doctor can shed some light on what ails you and you'll get effective medicine so you feel good again asap. Meanwhile, time on the couch or perhaps in a garden chair while it's warm outside sound like the perfect way to get thru this bother.

    How wonderful that Aldi is coming almost to your neighborhood!!

    Today is sunny here with the high expected to be in the low 80s*F. Nice!

    I hope to puzzle thru the math so I can start cutting fabric for the new plan for the star quilt border. Sewing the Flying Geese end to end would create such bulky seams, I decided to do something different.


  2. Do get well soon dear. . . . . . can imagine quilt blocks make good hankies!!!!

    Aldi, oh how I love them! We have 3 in town, nearest is just 5 minutes from the house and I stop by often. They just started taking credit cards here - before I had to use cash (we don't do debit) and never carried enough to overspend. Now, OMG, I can buy what I need/want and not worry at the cash register. Could be dangerous!!!

    Hugs - Mary

  3. Feel better! Here's to hoping you hit some much needed smooth sailing soon.
    We have and Aldi's about 20-miles from here but I've not visited yet. It is on my list of things to do.


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