Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Sleet, snow, sun, rain and more sleet....

we have had it all today. When we woke it was blue skies and sunny, so washer went on. Before the washer had finished it started to sleet, then the sleet went off and blue skies again. The wind is quite strong, so laundry out on the line.

Off we went to the coffee morning, cream scones, HM biscuits yummy......quite a few there and various topics of conversation were batted around. The ladies sat on one side and the chaps opposite us, second cups of coffee or tea were enjoyed.

Coming home it started to sleet again so a quick whip out side and fetched the laundry in, it was almost dry so finished it off in the dryer. All folded now ready to go away.

DD2 phoned, she is not coming tomorrow, her friend ,who does not speak very good english, has just had a baby and the health visitor is going, so DD is going to be sorting out whats being said. We will see her on Sunday when we go for lunch.

DB retired for his siesta, his finger is looking a lot better, he also managed to get his hearing aids in without help, hooray, this morning. Did have to show him hw to change the battery though.

Spending the afternoon on the settee reading, I have done the sauce for spag bol for supper tonight.

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  1. I'm delighted to hear that the morning coffee/tea gathering was enjoyable but what changeable weather you've had. Am glad your laundry didn't get any wetter!

    How kind of DD2 to help translate the health visitor's words for her friend.

    As you often say, the wind here has been "blowing a hoolie" since last night, rattling the windows, and bothering the cats. It's sunny, tho.

    I've been changing the wall quilts from winter to St. Patrick's Day/spring so need to press the one that's going in the entry hall to get its wrinkles out.



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