Friday, 29 April 2016

Home Again and its freezing

we set off just after 9.30 and arrived home in time for lunch, just over 3 hours from door to door.

Not a bad journey, until we got on the A1, just outside Grantham a lorry had shed a tyre so it was blocking one lane, its a 2 lane road at that point so all the traffic was trying to get into one lane.

Bright sunshine when we left, we got a heavy hail shower just after we got off the A1 but by the time we got to the bungalow the sun was shining again.

Car unloaded and everything put away. We had some lunch, I put a fleece blanket in the washer, its out on the line now, will finish it off in the dryer.

Whilst I was outside I had a quick look at the back garden, lots of bits popping their heads up. The Crown Imperial is now right out the bells have opened, resisted the urge to smell it, I know from past experience it stinks!! Some of the daffs had suffered in the wind, so I picked them, dead headed some of the others. The grass needs cutting in the back.

The plants we bought whilst away travelled home ok, everything, including the plants we had inside, have had a good watering and are now back in the plant house. The only thing that has not germinated are the leeks, DB says we will go to Aldi in Bingham next Thursday and he will get leeks from the market.

Its brrrrrr in the house, so I have lit the fire, put the sitting room heater back on until the weather warms up a bit.

We enjoyed our break away, especially watching those huge ships coming in and out loaded with containers. We have decided that our next break we will look either for a cottage or a B & B. Not sure where it will be though.

The village is quiet as usual, the car park and field at the village hall has a caravan rally on it, more than 30 when we came by earlier.

DB is playing bowls tomorrow afternoon, I am going to do some work on the quilt I took with me and never touched.

After this holiday weekend life will return to normal.


  1. Glad you arrived home safe and sound and all is well at your home. Your crown imperial is beautiful. I didn't know they gave off a stink!

    My mum never got tired of us taking her out for a little drive either to Old Felixstowe where she sat in the car often with her knitting and we walked along the front or more often to watch the big container ships at Languard Point. I miss those days very much but have good memories.

    We very much like holiday lets or B&B's - it is nice to have someone else prepare your breakfast. The holiday lets usually have a little more room and there is a lot to be said for that.

    It sounds like the entire country has been pounded by wind and cold. So glad you have a nice fire to sit by.

    Take care.

  2. Welcome home! I'm glad your journey went well for the most part and that the garden blooms were a lovely greeting home.

    I'm mulling over that UFO project to get back to and methinks it will be the 16" Swoon block made into a wall quilt by just adding borders.

    We had a thunderstorm last night with loud thunder and lots of lightening but that's normal for springtime in the South.


  3. It's blooming cold here as well. Glad you made it home. I have booked a B & B for 2 nights in Yorkshire. I like having breakfast made for me in the morning.


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