Tuesday, 5 April 2016

More laundry

A load of light coloureds and a few white bits now dancing on the line in the wind.

Its fine, blue sky, but a lot colder than it has been. I still have the storage rads on in the hall, kitchen and sitting room, we have not lit the fire in the evenings for over a week.

DB out planting potato's, he came in to get his feet done and then went out again. 

Last night I decided to use the second ball of wool to  make the scarf twice as long, so I had to undo the cast off row, not easy with fluffy yarn. we made it eventually with a few well chosen curses.

I have to square up the blocks for the quilt, make sure that are all the same size, ready to be joined to the plain ones I have not yet cut out, I also have to cut out the top and side triangles.

DB is having his siesta, I have a book I want to finish, so signing off for now.


  1. Cheers for sunshine and enough of a breeze to dry the laundry! That describes our weather, too, including the chill. It was 34*F last night and will reach only the mid-50s*F today.

    I wish our garden was as organized and prepared as yours is but neither of us have DB's green thumb. Sigh!

    Am looking forward to seeing your lovely Ohio Star blocks. I am about to start sewing one of the long sides of the pieced border units together. They're much easier to sew than Flying Geese would have been.


  2. Hi Anne

    I like it when you make a quilt I like the strip one that you did at angles - sorry cannot remember the technical name for it but you worked it in bands. Am looking forward to the reveal. Hope you are both keeping well. Take care. Pattypanxx


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