Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Todays The Day

DB gets his MRI scan. So I am doing my blog early, it could well be quite late when we get home.

Its a bright morning so DB has strimmed the grass path up to the top of the garden and is still messing about out there. I have cooked up a pan of mince, half of it is for lunch, the rest to go into the freezer for spag bol sauce whilst we are away.

We are eating at lunchtime, mince and tatties. DB can have a drink and something to eat before we set out for the hospital.

Our neighbour, who was whisked off in an Ambulance on Sunday, is home, tests and new medication.

The garden s looking good, there are a couple of plants I want to get in before we go, they will be better in the ground, will do them tomorrow, give them a couple of days to settle in, the forecast is not great for the weekend........

The family is remarkably quiet, unusual, but less stress for me, just hope nothing is coming to bite me on the bum whilst we are away.

If I get a chance will post more later, otherwise it will be tomorrow.


Well that was a waste of time and more profit for the hospital. As soon as the Drs realised that DB had an adverse reaction some years ago when injected with a dye, they decided to do a cat scan instead, so we were in and out in less than an hour. We have just got in.

I guess we will be having some supper later. I did sandwiches  and cake before we went out, I know DB will need more to eat before we go to bed.

Yesterday in Morrison I was given a voucher for £5 which had to be used before 24th April, we left home a bit earlier and went back. I bought 4 more plants. We need to get them in the ground tomorrow and watered well.


  1. Your garden is looking lovely and I know it's a treat to have such beauty welcome you home! Perhaps one of your neighbors can water the garden while you're gone if things get too dry?

    Wishing DB well and hope the MRI finds only the normal stuff inside him.

    Would you please tell me just what "mince" is? Ta. It sounds in this usage that it might be browned ground beef.

    I've decided to go ahead with the star quilt top and bottom border and the corners will just have to be a tad imperfect. Who sees the corners when a quilt is on the bed anyway? Please work with my self delusion on this! :)

    It's sunny here today and will be nearly 90*F if the forecast is correct.


  2. Oh no, DB must be allergic to iodine contrast dye as am I!! I cannot have it ever again because the first time I had a terrible reaction and apparently a second time could be lethal!!! It seems to be the only thing I'm allergic to and I always have it noted on all my medical records. There is something else they can use in its place. Hope the CAT scan will give a satisfactory result, and of course hope all is fine.

    Mary -

  3. I think this is the loveliest garden I've seen you both design and cultivate. It's really coming along so beautifully.

    I'm on my fifth full day working on mine - Bob too of course - and we are happy with the results. We could be registered as a 'natural wildlife habitat' now, but if the squirrels read a sign like that they'd bring 100 more of the family and we'd go crazy!!! Love the birds, dislike the squirrels because they eat so much birdseed.

    We leave on our big trip soon which will mean having to say goodbye to the garden for three full weeks - I hope it survives!

    Hugs - Mary


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