Saturday, 28 May 2016

Away Day

This is where we went today, Goadby Marwood Hall.

Goadby Hall is a privately owned 17th-century country house at Towns Lane, Goadby MarwoodLeicestershire. It is a Grade II* listed building.[1]
The house was substantially altered about 1750, when a new south front was built in the Palladian style. Five recessed central bays extend to two storeys with attics, the central three bays of which are pedimented with Doric order columns. Two flanking wings of two storeys have two bays each. The plainer north front has three storeys and seven bays. A large service wing adjoins to the west. A nearby stable block has Grade II listed status.
The 180-acre (0.7 km2) estate was a subsidiary holding of the Duke of Rutland, and the property was often the residence of junior members of the Manners family. Lady Elizabeth Manners, daughter of the 4th Duke married Richard Norman MP in 1798. Their son George Norman inherited the estate and hall from his cousin the 7th Duke.

The present owners bought it in 1991, the 3 lakes were silted up and only one room in the house was habitable. They must have spent millions on it. The old Stables have been converted into a house, which has been sold. The rest of the various bits of the property are rented out.

We enjoyed a walk round the gardens, it was a slow amble so I did not have problems breathing. We did half the garden, which involved walking round the three lakes, we sat for a few moments watching the swans. The majority of the garden was grass with herbaceous borders, there were several little court yards, ideal for sitting surrounded by the scent of flowers with a cup of tea or glass of wine.

We then went back to the car and had our picnic lunch, over looking the lake in front of the house.

After we had eaten we went round the walled gardens on the estate. The trees were something else. I took so many photo's. There was a wonderful tree peony.

The copper beech was magnificent, the chestnut behind it was full of flower, someone is going to have a great time come September.

We then went to have a look at the Church, it is one of the Ironstone Churches in the district. It is built of ironstone which is mined locally.

A very pretty little church obviously well looked after.

All the windows were plain glass except this one with a carving of an owl on the cill. You could not see the stained glass, which was a shame, it was very pretty but the organ was bang in front of it.

We then made our way to the village hall to partake of afternoon tea.......hmmm well its the first time I have paid £1.50 for a small cup of tea and the same for a scone with jam on it. A slice of cake was £3.50....even the charity shop only charges £2.75. Home made or not. It rather took the shine off what up to then had been a lovely day.

Its been a lovely sunny day, when we got home we had a cup of tea and sat in the garden for a while. DB then decided to cut part of the back grass, it was very long, two cuts with the mower. After he had done half of it I made him stop. It can be finished tomorrow.

I took over 40 pictures in the gardens, I will post some more tomorrow.



  1. Yes, it can take the shine of a visit when, after paying entrance fee, the cakes, scones, tea need a mortgage ... I think the most expensive cake we ever encountered was in the tea room at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight more than TEN YEARS AGO and it was even more than your £3.50 per slice you have quoted here. Now, more than £3.50 a slice ten years ago was serious money to us and we refused to pay it so didn't buy any. You'd think that these places would offer smaller slices (because for the most part they are too large - small wonder the country is turning in a load of fatties) and for a reasonable price. Then everyone would have a slice, we'd not all get fatter, and they would make money because most people would then buy something. Common sense, but when did these places have common sense?
    Margaret P

  2. What a delightful place to visit, lovely gardens, vistas, lakes, and flowers. How delightful that you and DB could take your time walking so you didn't become short of breath. Considering the prices for a bit of cake and tea, it's good you brought lunch! I look forward to seeing more photos in due time. Ta!

    It's sunny and hot again today but rain is in the forecast for Sunday arvo, night, and Monday. I went to the library to pick up 3 books awaiting me.

    Before that errand, I sewed the remaining 20 squares into the corners of 10 rectangles so am about to press them into place and trim off the excess fabric in the corners.

    Hope you've got your feet up!


  3. Thanks for sharing your day at the historical property. I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to more photos.
    Ellen in Ohio


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