Thursday, 12 May 2016

Rain yesterday Sun today

DB has spent most of the day in the garden planting out the veg plants we got on Tuesday, Its my turn now to put the delphinium and lupin in and do something with the fuchsias and geraniums.

One of the quilt group ladies came this afternoon, I embroidered a label for her quilt for her.

Not much else done today apart from shoving the dyson over the kitchen floor again!! Why did I get light floor covering put down?? It shows every mark.


  1. Cheers for sunshine and all that's been accomplished in the garden today and for the quilting friend's visit.

    Am off to take the star quilt to Sara and to make a stop at the grocery.

    Yippee! It seems I can once again see what I'm writing so can post here! Earlier today I found I could post on other blogs if I was careful as I typed white text on a white background. There were a couple of typos that showed up when I posted the comments, so hope I can now see what I'm typing on those blogs.


  2. Lovely to be enjoying some nice sunshine. I am like you in that I cannot think why I got pale coloured flooring for the kitchen. It is a nightmare to keep clean and never looks really clean even when just washed.

  3. I have read back quite a bit of your blog and it was delightful to hear about your life. I love that Christmas quilt, what a great idea, when I can I would like to do something like that myself.. and I just picked a couple of weeks before Christmas and was so sadden to read about your son, how awful for you. I can't imagine how you must feel but pray as time moves on you will remember all the happy times with him, a most dreadful loss for you. And how generous of you to start a quilting group, wish I lived near you to join with you. Hope all your husband's ill health will improve and that you yourself will have no further problems. I think we are the same age and honestly you seem to do a lot more than me! Enjoy the summer months as they get warmer you have a lovely home and with all the work you're both doing in the garden it is going to be fantastic. I shall be looking at your blog each week to see how you are.. but why do refer to your DH as DB sometimes and OH at other times? Or have misread and you have two men living with you??
    Blessings Chris


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