Thursday, 7 July 2016

Not the Day we expected

Up with the lark and away from the house before 9am, half way to Bingham the battery light came on. DB turned the car around and we came back to the garage, its the alternator. Car left for a new one to be fixed. Will have to go to Aldi tomorrow instead. Good job I still have food in.

DB spent the morning in the garden. I have uploaded windows 10 on the lap top, will see how it goes. I know some people have had a problem with it. I had to alter the settings so that the lap top did not switch off after 10 minutes if it was not being used. Which reminds me I need to reset them.

I went round to pop in a couple of books to P the new lady who came to the coffee morning, she is interested in the Amish people, I have a couple of really good books, lent them to her to read.

Bread maker on, ran out yesterday, cheese on toast at lunchtime today, gammon and salad tonight, another thick piece like I cooked last week. I have 1 egg left will do it for DB.

Its very windy today, the sun keeps coming and going, quite cool when the sun goes in.

We will have to go to Aldi tomorrow, thats if the car is fixed, fingers crossed. DB has to go round to the garage about 5pm to see if he has managed to pull it in. I cannot complain about the car, it has cost me very little in 8 years. I do put money away each month for servicing etc. The insurance is due at the end of this month, will have to do a search see who has the best offers. Service is not due until September.


Car is home, DB went round at 5pm, garage man was not there out recovering a vehicle, so we will go in the morning and pay the bill.

Amish books.....The History of the Amish - Steven M Holt.

The Amish Wedding - Stephen Scott.

Amish Women - Loui Stoltzfus.

I have also read a book by a lady who went to live with the Amish, I think for a year, but cannot remember what the book was called I was certain I had the book but cannot find it. Its called Plain and Simple by Sue Bender.


  1. Hello, Could you please tell us the names of the books on Amish people? I do so love reading such stories and I also love reading your blog, have a good summer and an abundant harvest from you beautiful garden.

  2. We have ever so many Amish that live in our area. Most of them have dairy farms. They drive their buggies amongst the cars on the roads because most of our roads do not have shoulders for their horses. The Amish life is not easy but it must be satisfying. The small children are so cute. The Amish are forbidden to speak to us (English), but many of the little ones make eye contact with us and I get a smile from time to time.

  3. You and DB certainly made good use of your unexpected schedule change this morning! Am glad to hear your car has been repaired and is ready for pick-up but wish the car repairman had called you to say he was leaving the shop.

    I have the Sue Bender book "Plain and Simple" and have enjoyed reading it and re-reading it. Her lessons of the 9 Patch are especially good and 'Take pleasure in the process' is the one I remember best and find most helpful.

    It is another hot July day and I'd hoped to be next door sewing but that hasn't happened yet so I've been reading a P.D. James book titled "Cover Her Face" that I got from the library yesterday.


  4. I went on a business trip back in the 80's to Cambridge/Elmira in Ontario. There were about a dozen of us and we went to an Amish restaurant. All the cooking was done in/on wood stoves. We sat at a huge table and the ladies served us and the meal was amazing (all comfort type food) and the selection of pies for dessert were delicious.We found the Amish people very friendly and it was fascinating to see the horse and buggies everywhere and the men ploughing their fields by hand and with a horse. It was an unforgettable trip.


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