Saturday, 30 July 2016


I was awake early this morning, so was about. Went into the garden and picked beans and sweet peas also picked a courgette which was threatening to become a marrow. I put them all in a bag and took them round to our friends on the way to the hospital.

DB is feeling much better, says he misses me, he is up and about on his own, using a walker for balance, but he seems to be quite steady on his feet. The medication he is on is stemetil....there are some contra indications I would like to talk to the Drs about, will see about that either tomorrow or Monday. DB was complaining they had no tea to drink at all this morning. I left just before 3 pm to go to Aldi.

I went to Aldi on the way home and did some shopping, we do not seem to need much. I will have to go to Lidl on the way home tomorrow, there are a couple of things I need from there. At the tea party last week DD2 had bought a delicious quiche from Lidl, cheese and maple I though I would treat us to one. I like Lidl bio washing powder its really good, especially if you soak stuff in it before washing.

DB hates curry, so I can only have it when he is not around. I bought myself a chicken tika masala to have for my supper tonight.

I am feeling tired, driving in and out of the city is a chore, but I need to see DB and make sure he is ok. Maybe we will get him home this week.

I need to be up early tomorrow, I am going to the fabric warehouse to see what they are selling off, will then go and visit DB, on to DD2's for lunch and then home. So another busy day. I am hoping that some of his bowls friends might go in to see him. He was supposed to be playing tomorrow.

Time to put my feet up and relax for half an hour.


  1. It's good to hear that Edwin is doing well and feeling so much better. Since that's the case, I can well imagine how bored he is there at the hospital.

    It will be good when your questions about his new medicine are answered. I remember hearing a doctor say it's a balance between the drug benefit v contraindications/side effects.

    Good for you in getting yourself some prepared and yummy foods to make dinner easier and at the same time enjoying flavors Edwin doesn't care for.

    Hope you sleep well and have sweet dreams as these busier than usual days are bound to leave you more tired.

    We've had torrential rain for the last hour with some thunder but no wind or lightening.



  2. Glad to hear DB is improving, but sorry to hear he is missing you , hospitals are souless places at the best of times.
    Glad you are enjoying the curry, sometimes it's these little treats that keep us going, hope things continue on the up, (hugs) x


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