Thursday, 28 July 2016

Yes he is, no he isn't

coming home that is. Rang this morning, I am coming home later today. Right.

Off to quilting group, phone call, no I am not coming home. They have moved me to another ward.

I went in after the group, they have moved him to a ward closer to the car park, thank heavens, not so far to walk.

The Doctors want to see how he reacts to the medication they have given him, so I will go in again tomorrow.

I have made arrangements to go to my friends, will have a sandwich with her and then visit OH on the way back. See whats what.

Its been a nice day, we did have a heavy down pour around midday but it did not last too long.

I need to chill, my visual learner was a bit of a pain today. I do feel sorry for the other girls I do not have the chance to do as much with them as I would like. I got a cushion cover 3/4's made. most of the ladies had got as far as the quilting stage, once the cover is quilted it is quite easy to finish.

I am only taking part of the class next month, one of the ladies is going to show us how to make a holder for 3 pairs of scissors. I am going to be in the class for a change. That will be interesting.

Off to empty the machine and slig the stuff on the line for an hour or so.


  1. Good o hear your update om your DB. Would your visual learner benefit from 1:1 tuition outside of the group, if you were happy to do that?

  2. Take care Anne, sorry Edwin is unwell again. You too please take care as well. Hugs to you both.

    Tricia (aka Pattypan)

  3. Sorry for the uncertainty about DB's coming home ... or not, Am glad they're going to see how the new medicine affects him though. Is the new medicine something like motion sickness medicine?

    After all you've done today with the hither to thither and back again, methinks you deserve an evening with your feet up and a glass of bubbly at hand.

    Have fun with your dear friend tomorrow!


  4. Sorry your hubby is unwell. I also have a sick hubby and he just gets over one thing then something else starts up. There does not seem to be any respite which is so tiring for us both. I am sure you feel the same; then there is the worry of driving and hoping to get a parking space. My appetite goes totally but we must eat, so please try. Hope all works out well. Much love Andie xxx

  5. Sorry to read this - haven't been reading blogs for a couple of days so I missed it or I would have sent love before now. Hope there is good news for you both soon xxx


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