Friday, 19 August 2016


and its raining!!! at last the gentle but steady rain we need for the garden...........

Phoned to see how DB was this morning, they said he was ok and sitting out of bed. I really hope that step son gets to speak to the Dr. It will be Monday before I get a chance.

Friday clean done, have also done a quick wash, its in the dryer. When DB collapsed they managed to tear a button off one of his shirts. I am going to see if I can repair it.

I did managed to clean the back door frame inside and out before it started raining the windows will have to wait for a fine day. I also need to get the sweep in to sweep the chimney. We do have some coal to use up, then I intend to sweep the chimney and take out the grate, replace it with an electric fire that fits into the space rather than stands proud of the opening.

Not decided what to have for supper, what ever it is will have to be with beans and courgette, I have a bag full I should have taken to DD2 yesterday, I forgot. I am going to have to write a list of everything I need to take when I go on Sunday for my supper.

Our neighbour across the road was taken into hospital this morning, he has not been well for a while, I will go over in a bit and see if there is anything I can do. Her son lives in Derbyshire, I guess he will be over later.

I need to do some financial giggling around. As long as DB is in Leicester hospital it is costing me a fortune in diesel and car parking. Once they get him to Melton its just diesel, the car park is free. I am praying that a bed become available sooner rather than later.

I have the back door open, its raining a little harder now, but not so hard that the cracks in the ground will not take it......I will have to watch for the puddle developing at the door step.


  1. Good news on the gentle slow rain.

    I was glad to hear that DB was up and sitting in a chair. I do hope your stepson gets to speak with his doctor and he gets send for rehab soon. At the very least he should be walked with a Nurses Aide to make sure he doesn't fall.

    Sorry about the neighbour across the road and glad to hear you were going over to speak with his wife. My mum lived in a bungalow with elderly neighbours and they all looked out for each other.

    Take care.

  2. Count me in on praying for a bed to be available for DB in the Melton rehab soon, soon, and sooner. His weight loss should concern those doctors in Leicester!

    I'm so happy you have had a lovely rainy day. Hope you had a good book to read as it's one of my delights to read in a puddle of lamplight on a rainy day.

    Wishing your neighbor across the road and his family well.



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