Monday, 15 August 2016


I did go in to see DB last night, he was on a ward in double quick time, no hanging about this time.

Went back this morning, he was sitting out, has seen the Dr. He will be in for a few days they are then hoping to get him to Melton for re-hab. They are going to take him off the injections and put him on a different medication for his blood thinning. They are also going to see if they can find something to keep the dizzies under control. 

I called at Melton on the way home, he needed another pair of jim jams, I had to send a pair to the CS they were too small. 

Did a quick load of laundry including the new jamas, all drying on the line.

I was really exhausted last night so apart from a couple of times I opened my eyes I slept till 8.45 am. I am not going to the hospital tomorrow. Step son is going, so I will go on Wednesday and then take DD2 on Thursday afternoon.


  1. So glad that DB is being treated well this time around and he definitely needs rehab following this hospital stay. Perhaps things have turned around now and this will get sorted.

    It is understandable how exhausted you were both mentally and physically. What you have been thru is extremely draining.

    Take care of yourself and all the best for DB getting well and back on his feet.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that it seems someone has been listening to you or to the doctor who came to the house to see DB last week! It's about time that they seek the cause of the dds and that rehab is needed. Most excellent! May there be a diagnosis that has a one pill cure.

    Will the rehab facility at Melton be a shorter or longer drive for you? If this facility is at all like the one AMIL was in, the schedule of therapy kept her busy. Please don't wear yourself out with going back and forth, back and forth.

    The star quilt has been mailed and is en route to TX. Hope it makes it quickly and directly, without any side trips.


  3. I think rehab will be so good for you both. I worked in that area for years and he will have more people watching for his dizzies etc., than you get on a trauma ward. They will feed him up and he will get his cup of tea! when he wants it. Sorry, just re-read I did not mean that you do not feed him I know you do, but they might even put him on supplements if he seems to need it. I think a lot of his problems rise from the heparin injections he should go back on warfarin or clopidogeral. Hope it all turns out ok and please take care of yourself. Love Andie xxx

  4. I'm glad you are both getting some respite with rehab, it will give you a clearer head, and hopefully get to the bottom of DBs dizzy spells,it may pay you to write down what is uppermost in your mind about getting help and appropriate AIDS for when DB returns, and talk it through with the medical and support staff to see what is available to make both your lives easier on his return:


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