Monday, 8 August 2016


Goodness its cold this morning, quite a wind as well, the laundry I put out an hour or so ago, is dry, even thick things. The sky is very grey, we really need rain.

Monday clean done, waiting to hear from DB after he has been seen by the Drs. I did ring the ward earlier, he has slept ok, (due no doubt to the residue of morphine in his system) he had eaten his breakfast. I have had to ring and cancel his appointment for the results of the scan for diverticulitis, will also have to cancel a cardiac appointment, I do not think he will be fit enough to go.

I need to put bread on, have almost run out of sandwich bread. I have salad to eat up so will do a cheese omelette for my supper. No idea what to have for lunch, may be soup, its cold enough for it.

Enjoyed my supper at DD2's it was good not to come home and have to start cooking. I need to wait in and see if Fridays parcels arrive. Tomorrow I must go to the library in Bingham and take our books back.

Step son going in to see his dad tonight, so day off for me. Might get some sewing done after lunch. Have not touched the machine for ages.


Had a phone call after lunch from the council, work to fit the central heating will start 24th August. Still waiting ti see re the bathroom.

DB phoned at lunch time, talk of him coming home on Wednesday.....well we shall see.


  1. Glad to hear you got a break from cooking yesterday and hopefully will get to stay home and relax a little today. You are such a hard worker and like many of us suspect getting on in years.

    Hope DB has some positive news for you once he has seen the doctor(s) and hopefully a bit cooler on his ward. I don't know about you but it is hard to sleep when the room is boiling hot.

    Will continue with prayers and wish you well.

  2. It's good to hear that DB is getting some restorative sleep and I hope that also means his roommate is quiet. How is DB's mobility?

    You get stars for remembering to cancel those appointments!

    You've already accomplished a lot today so time to play in your sewing room is well deserved!

    It's cooler here today with rain in the forecast for the arvo. I have the quilt label to make and sew on today and the star quilt will - at last - be finished!


  3. It's wonderful to read that DB may get to come home on Wednesday but hope that means he can walk well and his meds. are all correct in type and dosage.

    Applause that you have a start date for the central heating work!! Now for that shower ... :)

    Rain and dribs and drabs so far.

    More hugs!


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