Monday, 15 August 2016

Thank you

To all of you who have sent me messages regarding DB and his problems. It has boosted me so much at what is a very worrying time. The support has been very much appreciated.

I rang the hospital tonight, the message I got back was that his medicines had been sorted out and his pins and needles had gone.

I am not going in tomorrow, there are a few jobs I want to get done, tomorrow will be a good time to do them. 

I was horrified to find that DB has lost almost 7 kilos in the last 3 weeks. I know he was only eating small meals at home, and he said the breakfast was the best meal of the day. The cooked meal in the evening was rubbish most of the time.

I did myself some fish and had it with some salad. I knew I bought a cucumber at the weekend, could not find the blessed thing, eventually found it in the shopping bag I had put back in the car. It was a bit warm, but otherwise ok.


  1. I so hope DB is doing much better by the time you read this. Thinking of you both - make sure you also take care of YOU my dear.

    Cucumbers have a way of hiding - I just discovered a very soft one in back of the 'frig! Will toss it sadly - have just bought 2 others that are much fresher.

    Mary x

  2. Dear Anne,

    The weight loss was not your fault but understand your shock at the actual loss.

    I do hope today is much better for DB and you have not worn yourself out overdoing it. Take time to rest and rejuvenate your self.

  3. A slender as DB has always been, 15lb is a lot to lose in a short time. He wasn't home for your good meals for very many days in the last 3 weeks. Consider all those hospital days when food delivery was sketchy, the fact that hospital food is often not so tasty, and when he was too tired to eat from lack of sleep.

    We'll hope and pray that the stay at the rehab will strengthen DB so he's stronger and in good shape next time he comes home.

    You did all that was needed during the days DB was home, you saw what was needed for him to improve, and you acted quickly when worrisome symptoms happened.

    We care about you and DB!



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