Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Well it all happens here...... yesterday afternoon I had a phone call from the hospital, would I have DB home if they put a package in place. Well tell me what the package is and I will think about it.

The lady phoned back half an hour later......the Drs feel that DB does not need to be an in patient, he can have a rehab package at home and the nurses will do 2 visits a day to monitor I reluctantly agreed.......... come in at 6.30 he will be ready to go home.

So I went in at 6.30 to be greeted by DB saying I am not ready the Dr has not done the letters and there is a query on the medication, well I will not dwell on things, but I ended up throwing not just my toys but the nappy as well out of the pram....we eventually got away at I am not supposed to drive at night, we traveled home at 40mph and walked in the door at 9.30. Drink of tea and got him ready for bed, Nurses came just as he was getting in, did the check and said night night.

Neither of us slept very well, it was so close, I had another go with the gravel......

I woke just after 7am DB was awake, shortly afterwards a bleep bleep in the road and the chaps arrived to put the gas supply in. They finished at lunch time, someone will come in the next couple of days to put the garden back to rights. I phoned the council and told them the installation was done, so now we have to wait for the heating engineers to come out.

The day nurse came just as I was getting the bread out to do tuna , cucumber and mayo sarnies for lunch.

DB went for his siesta, I nipped down to the post office whilst he was sleeping, put my head down myself when I got back. No afternoon tea, it was too late when I woke up, so just a drink of orange and lemonade.

Bacon fritatta for supper just going to do a small side salad for DB, I have frangipane tart for dessert with some ice cream.

So thats it....I have my cap and apron back on, I am still waiting for the sitting service, no chance of me going to the quilt group tomorrow, no one to stay with DB whilst I go. Will have to have something in place for next month though. 

Its been over hot today, I am glad our sitting room does not get too hot, the sun moves round to the back during the day. I have the front door on the safety chain open to allow a breeze through the house.

I hope we sleep better tonight and that the nurses are not too late coming.


  1. Goodness gracious! What next? How irresponsible that all the paperwork wasn't in place for you and DB to leave when you arrived to get him.

    I hope DB's left side is stronger once more and that the "package" includes home physical therapy and not simply visits from nurses.

    Did the chaps who installed the new heating system take the old heater off the sitting room wall? I remember your looking forward to using that part of the room for something different when it was gone.

    I know DB is elated to have your excellent food to enjoy again. I wish him well as his recovery continues and he regains that lost weight.

    Hope you two can settle into a routine that leaves you time to read, knit, and/or (after the shower is in) sew, and not be as weary as you've been with the trips to and fro.


  2. Although it's good to have your DH home and not drive to and from the hospital, I fail to see how this gives you that much relief. Maybe things just need to settle in a bit. Wish DH best wishes from me and I will remember you both in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs....Barb


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