Monday, 5 September 2016

Not A Good Day

It was raining when we first got up. Glad I did the laundry yesterday.

I was hoping the wet room would be finished such luck, the electrician cannot come till Wednesday.........I am gutted. I put up with the mess last week and over the weekend, I just cannot put up with it any longer, ready to pack my case and run away.

We heard from the heating people, they are coming next week to do the survey, no idea when they will come to do the job, one thing I do know is that by the time its finished I will be at the end of my tether with both DB to look after and the mess that the heating installation is going to create.............

The lady from the WRVS came she is going to see if there is someone who can come and sit with DB whilst I go to the quilting group, to be honest I doubt if they will be able to find anyone, so he will have to forgo his siesta and come with us. I am not leaving him on his own, I just cannot trust him. They are arranging a lift for us to LRI next week which will be a great help.

I am so tired I just cannot be bothered to do anything, still have not got my computer sorted, so I have no idea whats is going on Money wise.......


The installer has finiehd we now have to wait 2 days for the electrician to come and wire up the shower and extractor. At least DB can have a wash in the basin rather than in the kitchen sink. Everything has gone back in the cupboard under the sink till they come to do the central heating, it will have to come out again then for the water to be turned off. I am still very hacked off........

DB now has a pair of elbow crutches, he says he feels more stable using the two, so we will see how he goes.

Library bus came this afternoon, four of us on it today. We now have enough books to last us for another couple of weeks. It will then be a trip to Bingham to take the books back there and get more.


  1. I'm so sorry these home improvement projects are dragging on for so long. The mess and upheaval as well as the uncertainty must be annoying to endure, especially since DB needs more tending just now. Hope some how, some way, the electrician can come tomorrow.

    Take good care of you, my friend.

    Big hugs!

  2. I've been reading your blog for a while and must say I feel for you! you always seem to be meeting yourself coming back with not much chance of having a rest.
    I haven't got through all your blog yet, but do follow DB's health updates, it must be a constant struggle for you, especially not knowing if he will fall again, you need eyes in the back of your head !
    May I be nosey and ask what is wrong with DB ? his bad health has been going on for a long time hasn't it ? Here's hoping he continues to improve, and please, look after yourself.

  3. Dear Anne,

    My heart goes out to you. So much on your mind and feeling burnt out and stressed by having had to deal with so many things and sort them out. No wonder you are at the end of your tether.

    Once that shower is sorted and you can stand under some hot running water you will feel so much better.

    Fingers crossed that the lady from the WRVS can get a sitter or two to stay with DB while you go to the quilting group. Rest when you can and blow the mess. You will catch up in time.


  4. I'm glad to hear that the bilateral support of the elbow crutches help DB feel more stable as he walks. Any port in a storm, you know!

    Hope your library books take your mind and imagination far from the situations that currently distress you. As Sandy wrote, for now "blow the mess!".

    Big hugs!


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