Sunday, 25 September 2016


Our usual Sunday breakfast in bed.

Once up, showered and dressed we were on our way into town. Morrison first, then I nipped into a shop and got next years diaries we have appointments to fill in already.

Our last call was at Lidl. Home James.....lunch and DB went for his siesta. I was reading a book by Patricia Scanlon. I am not keen on books written about Ireland, but I did enjoy this one and I also like Maeve Binchy.

Its sunny but cool, I need to clean out the fire and relay it. I think we may need it lit when the sun starts to go down. Have been lighting it around 5pm, not every night just a shovel full of coal once its burnt up.

DD1 left for Cuba this morning, I hope they have a good time, she works very hard and deserves her well earned rest. She and SIL will come the weekend the heating people start on the Monday to help us move the stuff in the back bedroom and also empty the airing cupboard. DD2 is due this week, she is on holiday for a week, guess she will be having a few lie ins, she has an early start and is often late getting home, they have to cash up after the shop has closed.

Once the heating has been done I need to get hold of the handy man to put slatted shelves in the airing cupboard where the tank has been taken out. I am hoping to save the wood from the present shelves, some of it will have to be cut down.

Everything is ready for supper, just have to cook the veg, have sliced the gammon, enough for tonight and gammon salad tomorrow and then for a couple more gammon dinners during the month....I did buy some stewing steak this morning, it will do us for beef and bean casserole with dumplings........anf then just a beef stew. 

The sun is almost over the yard arm its time for a glass of something fruity and cold........


  1. What a day of accomplishments you've had and am so glad your larder is topped up!

    I echo your hopes that the current shelving in the airing closet can be saved and reused. It will be so nice to have the use of extra shelves in that cupboard!

    Hope DD1 has a lovely vacation. It's nice you'll have her help as well as SIL's help in clearing the way for the heating workmen. I've remembered my parents used to put things in the car trunk (boot?) as a temporary storage place. That was were my Christmas gifts were put so I couldn't find them!

    Today is lovely and wonderfully cool. Bliss!

    I'm reading my first book by Charles Todd about Inspector Ian Rutledge and am enjoying it.


  2. I will have to try Scanlon.
    I always loved books by Binchy.
    Always looking for a new read.



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