Thursday, 15 September 2016


Another misty morning which has morphed into a hot afternoon, we are on a yellow warning for thunder storms between 2pm this afternoon and 7pm tomorrow night. As long as its not hissing down when I have to drive DB to the hospital.

We went to the library and got books, then on to Aldi. I am going back to shopping once a month with a top up if its needed. I have spent a lot more on food this month then I usually do.

Picked out cabbage, courgette, sweet corn and leeks, went for a walk round to our friends at the back. R was having a problem with his computer, snap, mine is a pain in the butt just now keeps timing out.

No sewing dome today, I cannot publish the rest of the mat instructions the computer keeps timing out, so I will leave it until the computer is more stable.

DB is now walking without his crutch, but I am making him take it with him, just in case, you never know. He did walk round Aldi using the trolly for support.

The temperature outside is 74f not quite as warm as yesterday. It was hot sleeping.

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  1. It sounds like you've had a busy day so am glad it's so much cooler there. Hope the forecast rainfall stops and waits until you and DB are back from the hospital appt.

    Am glad to hear DB has regained enough strength that he's safely walking without support some of the time while at home. You're right that he still needs the crutches, cane, or grocery basket when on outings. Safety first!

    Hope you both have a good restful evening after the busy day, too.

    No worries about when you get the tutorial up, but do try not to fret over the delay due to your computer bothers.

    I've rested this morning from yesterday's exhaustion and also wrote the label information on two of the hanging triangles for the back of Making Tracks. Hope to finish that today. Maybe!



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