Monday, 24 October 2016


A dull start to the day. but as in the past couple of days the sun came out at lunchtime.

Wet room, loo and bedroom cleaned as usual, changed the bed, the linen is on the line, Not sure if its drying though I might have to put them on the airer in the sitting room tonight.

DB spent some time in the garden this morning, I dittered around doing the cleaning and then reading.

After lunch DB went for his siesta, I repaired to the sewing room to continue clearing up, having emptied the suitcase I used for the quilt group. I have to decide what to do with the block samples I made up. I have decided I can do them in 3's and then hang them as I want to. I have a load of UFO's to complete as well.

OH  is working on his Jigsaw, he seems to have been doing it for ever.

Ham salad with Jacket spud for supper, there are some peaches need eating up, so they will be ok for dessert.

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  1. How wonderful that you life is back to normal on this Monday - as opposed to all the preparation and work done in the last few weeks. It must be sheer delight!

    I like you plans for some of your sample blocks. It pleases me no end to change my small wall quilts from time to time thru the year. Methinks you'll find it fun, too. :)

    Today is cool and sunny here and I hope to sew on one or both of the small star quilts.



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