Saturday, 8 October 2016

Saturday and its Brrrrr again

Another very grey and cold day. We had a few spots of rain this morning,

Did the Friday clean, whilst I had the mop and hot water I went round to the front and cleaned up the messy gas box and also did the window cills all round, just a couple of minutes each and they are sparking again.

We went to the feast last night, as last year the children were just running round like mad things and there was one table who talked and laughed their way through the whole evening. It was almost impossible to hear the answers to the quiz or the raffle numbers.

We sat with a couple of friends from the coffee morning and we took June home afterwards, she is partially sighted, I did not like to think of her crossing the road in the dark. She does carry a torch which she uses, but the road is used like a race track and anyone hurtling round the bend would not see her until it was too late. We both spoke about the evening and, like us, June said she will not go next year. 

I may be old fashioned, but children seem to be allowed to run riot, there is no discipline at all, and they do not seem to be encouraged to sit at the table and eat a meal. Mind you, with the  example set by some of the parents its not surprising. All my children were brought up to sit at the table for a meal and were only allowed to leave when everyone had finished. One of my grand daughters allows her child to walk round with food in her hand, mind you she does not sit up to the table either, eats with a plate on her knee watching the goggle box.

Quiet rest of the day, I will spend most of it reading, might just go and do a bit of clearing up in the sewing room, the 17th is not far away now............

DN will be going for his siesta shortly, he was in the garden whilst I tackled the sitting room and kitchen, the sweetcorn are all finished, so the plants have been taken out. One last courgette that thinks its a marrow, some beetroot and carrots, so the veg drawer in the fridge is full.

Fish and wedges tonight, so an easy supper. Need to get the prok out for tomorrow.


  1. I enjoyed seeing the photo of your little Chapel - it is delightful and how nice that it is close to your home.

    What a shame about the children running around and the loud behavior of some adults. What a shame that a few ruin it for others. Very glad that you had friends from the coffee morning to sit with and enjoy their company.

    Hope to get my computer back today. It has been in the shop a week!


  2. What a productive day you've had and you well deserve to sit, read, stay cozy,and enjoy your sparkling clean home!

    I so agree that it's a shame when children aren't taught good manners, consideration for others, and how to behave in public. Our sons wouldn't have been among those running around either. I wonder why those organizing the feast didn't step in to tell the children to sit down and to tell the noisy table to quiet down?

    We had fish, mashed potatoes, and a tossed green salad with butter lettuce, onions, and tomato wedges for dinner last night!

    I'm doing three little sewing projects and since it's pouring rain that's likely to continue until tomorrow morning, it's a good time do indoor things!


  3. I brought my children up the same way. I think that it's only polite. It's not like they are sitting forever! I hate it when you're sitting around eating a meal and people start getting up and moving around when other people are still eating. My BIL's children used to be up and down the table like yo-yos picking at their food and playing in between. It was just the 'done' thing at our house.

  4. My Nan used to say 'Spare the rod and spoil the child' - you're quite right there is no discipline now a days - once when I worked in the council offices and was on front desk one day, there was a child climbing all over the waiting room furniture and half way up the walls - I refused to deal with her issue and suggested that she either make him behave or take him home and come back to see us without him....she took him home - couldn't make him behave properly in public - I just thought what's this world coming to! Xxx


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