Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sunny Sunday

Woke to bright sunshine, forecast was good for this morning, so a load of washing done and out on the line, doubt it will dry much but at least it has been out. Have also cleaned out and relaid the fire.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed, DB is still there, did not cough so much in the night, so a better nights sleep. He will be out of bed shortly. Says he is 'not so bad' this morning. To be perfectly frank I could do without the histrionics.

Lamb for supper tonight, has been marinaded in red wine over night, so should be yummy. Will do carrots, cauliflower and calebrese with it. That's 3 of my 5 a day, the fruit we have for breakfast is another one, so with the pear I will have with my lunch, that's today's quota of fruit and veg. The  dry roast spuds I do don't count.

Well life goes on a little slower than before. Have dusted and hoovered the hall and sitting room and used the hoover to pick up the bits that miss the mat in front of the sink.  Also relaid the fire ready to light later when DB gets up after his nap. We have just had soup and the remains of the garlic bread for our lunch. DB always has yogurt after his lunch, a lovely ripe pear was my dessert.

I am going into the sewing room whilst he has his siesta, I want to work on the dresden plate mat, I have the backing on, need to cut and join the fabric for the binding and sew that on. I will finish it off by hand. I have another mat done in softer colours, I need to find a fabric for the centre circle, then I can finish that as well. I have been looking to see if I have any of the fabric I used in it for the centre, so far no such luck, might have to put my thinking cap on!!

Veg prepped for supper, have the lamb out of the fridge, I use bags to roast in the oven, so will bag it up, weigh it and put it on the timer, that way I am not constantly looking at the clock to see what time to put it on.

The Remembrance  Service was held at the chapel this morning, the village war memorial is in the chapel graveyard. There is also one inside the chapel. Its unusual to say the least for it not to be at the Parish Church in the village. I will have to do some digging and see what I can find out.

Have a good rest of the day.......................

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  1. How wonderful you two had a better night's sleep so are much more rested today. You've accomplished a lot, too, so well done you!

    Do you elevate your feet on a footstool when you sit to read? My feet thank me when I use a footstool.

    When you look at fabrics in mulling over which fabric will work best as the plate center, be sure to look at the back side of each fabric, too. One quilting teacher told the group long ago that you buy both sides of the fabric, so use the side that works best for your project! I've done that a few times and was well pleased.

    This morning after feeding the cats, I sat to machine quilt the outer border of the wee yellow quilt and have also basted it's edges. Now to trim it square and make the binding.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, too!



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