Tuesday, 27 December 2016

And so it continues..............

the sun is out again, its a lovely but very cold day. We had a heavy frost last night, good job we were not going out today.

Once again we were very late waking up, 10 am before I got in the shower, still my diary tells me its an extra days holiday as Christmas Day fell on a Sunday, so I do not feel so bad.

I cleaned out and re set the fire, the heating is back on, will leave it on, want to see how much it costs if the heating is on all day.

We have beef stew for supper tonight, I large pack of meat done in the pressure cooker with carrots, leeks, celeriac, tomato, herbs and garlic. We will have some tonight and the rest will be frozen. I have also done the veg ready to cook later. I find if I do not prep everything either just before or straight after lunch I am too tired to do anything later.

We had cold meat, salad and jacket spud last night. I had brought a couple of creme brulee at Aldi, they slid down very nicely for dessert, they are small but so yummy!!!

The laundry almost dried on the line yesterday, I put it on the airer to finish off, folded and put away this morning. 

The decs are down and put away, I have also taken the Christmas Quilt off the bed and put our usual one back on. It is a shame it only comes out at Christmas but it really is not suitable for any other time of year. I could do with doing a bit more quilting on it too.

DB's appointment for his throat scan has come through its next wednesday......he managed to choke on his coffee this morning. I am just grateful we got through Christmas day without any back banging etc......

Right time to go and sort out a little light lunch, pork pate on toast and finish off the salad from last night, I think.


  1. You certainly accomplished a lot today and hope your diner was a delicious as it sounds.

    I hear you on being more weary as the day goes on, but since I need to cook dinner for DS2 every night, I must rest during the arvo and save up some energy.

    Today was partly cloudy and in the mid-60s*F so that was an unseasonal delight.

    I've found a couple of sale priced gifts on-line for family in 2017 so they'll be tucked away when they arrive.


  2. Your experience with heating costs may be different to mine. I have a forced air natural gas furnace and a 130 year old house that is quite drafty. I discovered that if I turned the that off and on throughout the day (usually only on in the early morning and after 6 in the evening)it cost more to bring it back up to temperature than if I kept it on at a constant 68 degrees F. Our winters are relatively mild here in Portland, Oregon but I was surprised by my results. I love natural gas as a heat source. Living with wood, oil, and electric heating in previous homes, natural gas is by far the most affordable and cozy for me. I send you Happy New Year greetings and thanks for your daily blogs which share a lovely sense of continuity.


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