Monday, 12 December 2016

Fog? What Fog?? We Have Frost

Forecast was for fog first thing, we just had a frost, not very hard, the car windscreen had thawed out by the time I went to go out.

Appointment to have my mop cut at 9 am at 9.10 the hairdresser still had not arrived so I came home. I did phone later, she forgot, I have another appointment later in the week.

So, going through for breakfast the central heating chaps van was next door. Brrrrr......door open and its freezing, no thanks, we were lucky to get it done when we did.

Monday clean done and dusted, a pot of lentil and bacon soup on the stove made with the liquor from yesterdays gammon. It will be for lunch tomorrow, we have some beans to finish up for lunch today.

Supper tonight is cold gammon jacket spuds, tomato and celery salad with coleslaw.

We are both going through out library books, I have finished the ones from Bingham, now on the books from the mobile....

We have visitors for tea on Wednesday, I have some unsalted butter so I am going to make shortbread, might do some mince pies as well, will see how I feel tomorrow when we get back from the town. I need bits from Lidl and Morrison, A voucher from Sainsbugs will buy us a bottle of sherry. DB wants to get his hair cut and I need to put fuel in the car for  the OP visits for DB he has 3 this month.

No decs up yet, I feel a bit ambivalent about decorations, might feel better after Thursday has passed.

Might get a bit more sewing done, I would like to get the blocks done and together so I can see hoe much backing fabric I am going to need. Did wonder about putting fleece on the back and bagging it out, no wadding........hmmmm....

The End of an Era

Nicholas's house has been sold and the new family will be moving in, so his affairs are on the verge of being settled. It is the first anniversary of his death on Thursday, now his family can move on. We will never forget him, he was very precious to all of us, we will always miss him. I was drawing the curtain over the front door the other night and it suddenly occurred to me that it was one of the last jobs he did for us. He was concerned that there was a draught coming through the front door which would make the hall cold. As always he was concerned that we should be warm and comfortable.

Just had a message from my daughter, my ex has been admitted to hospital with gangrene in his foot. He has diabetes and has not been looking after himself. Wonderful. We are at the hospital on Wednesday so will call in and see him.


  1. Anne, how fitting that Nicholas gave you a permanent reminder in the fitting of your door curtain, it shows he was the caring gentleman you brought up.
    Best wishes for Thursday,
    Floss xx

  2. I am like you regarding decorations, perhaps I also will feel like it later. Hope all ok on Thursday, there should be a cheaper parking ticket at hospitals for pensioners, perhaps there might be now. I worked for the NHS for over thirty years and we had the parking fee taken directly from our pay. We had a discount but as I had to have a car and a clean driving licence to procure the job to work in the community I always thought it was cheeky. However, I was often stopped by patients/relatives desperate to find a parking space, I used to feel for them but was mostly unable to help apart from asking the parking people to lend a hand, and sometimes they were able to. Take care, your son sounds like a true gentleman, I am so sorry about it all. Love Andie xxx

  3. Dear friend, I well remember all the help Nick was with the many household jobs needed at the various homes you and DB lived in before the move to the bungalow. Nick would always make time to help with whatever was needed. You're so right that he will always be remembered, be missed, and remain in your heart and mind as you look at the things he did for you there and think back on the things he did so willingly at your previous homes. You'll be in my heart and prayers as this sad first anniversary arrives on Thursday.

    May your memories and your quilting bring you comfort and solace.

    Wishing your ex well with this unwelcome diagnosis that is what happens when a diabetic pretends there is no need to mind diet, medicines, or circulation.

    Big hugs, my friend

  4. Nicholas will always be with you Anne - always in your heart - whenever you spoke of him, we could tell that he was a good and caring lad xxx


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