Monday, 5 December 2016

Frosty Morning

I did not sleep too well last night so late waking. DB also slept in. When I drew back the curtains it was to a white world. A very heavy frost which has not really cleared all day.

Like the cows tail I am all behind today. Managed to change the bed, but the laundry will have to wait until tonight, wet room and toilet cleaned and mopped.

Re laid the fire, lit it after lunch, the heat is off until 4.30, but the sitting room rad will stay off whilst there is heat from the fire, the thermostat controls it,

I made another loaf overnight, sliced the one from yesterday, I have to open freeze the slices, will slice and freeze todays loaf tomorrow. I am trying to get a stock of stuff in so if I am not well there is stuff to hand. I have cancelled the scan, I need to speak to My GP first, apart from anything else, we have a pretty full month with appointments for DB. I need to be fit enough to go with him.

Mobile library this afternoon, I discovered two books in my drawer I had not read, so will put them back in and renew them.

Fritatta and salad tonight, need to sort out some sort of dessert.

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  1. It's good to have a sleep in when you can, especially when the weather outside is frosty! Now that you need to take things a bit easier, the fewer tasks can be accomplished in the daytime remaining. As I know too well, you have to forgive yourself and not be bothered when it's time to rest. Books to the rescue!

    I hope to sew today but other things are tugging at me, too, so time will tell what I do. Have paid bills and taken them to the mailbox and have loaded/run the dishwasher.

    Your dinner sounds yummy. Do you drink hot tea, coffee, or what with your dinners?



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