Friday, 30 December 2016

Very Grumpy!!

Another abortive day, went to the library, closed to next Tuesday, went to Stathern to see if the butchers was open, no! so came home having wasted both time and fuel.........The library is open on Tuesday, but OH has a hospital visit. The library van is coming Tuesday, we will not be here, I will have to go into Melton on Sunday and put the books through the door, or renew them till the next time he comes.........How come Christmas now runs into the New Year and everyone takes 2 weeks off work??? OH and I had 2 days at Christmas and 2 days for the New Year (in Scotland) The rest of the time the office was open so we were working. By doing this and working other Bank Holidays we were able to take 6 weeks holiday a year.

It is quite misty here and foggy out in the open countryside.

I have laundry on the line, but I doubt its drying, will bring it in and put it through the dryer. I have more to do tonight. I would usually change the bed as well, but just cannot face washing and ironing sheets and a duvet cover etc tomorrow. It will have to wait for Monday.

Sausage out for tonight. OH requested gammon for supper on Sunday so thats out defrosting too, will soak it tomorrow and cook it, then slice it on Sunday when its cold., it slices better then. Will have it with veggies and mustard sauce.

I need to tackle the sewing room, a lot of stuff has just got shoved in and left, so this afternoon, whilst DB has his siesta I will sort the room out. I need to gird my loins and finish the  baby quilt. I have decided not to go to the baby shower, it starts at 5 pm, I do not drive at night, so DD2 is going will give her the parcel.


  1. It's very easy to renew library books by phone. Just ring your library!

  2. Tess, the books are from the mobile library, they are not part of the library stock, and have to be returned to the mobile. We phoned this afternoon to try and renew them. The other library at Bingham is closed until Tuesday, I have renewed those on line.

  3. I was glad to read that you could renew the Bingham books on-line as we can do that here - convenient! Hope someone answers at the mobile library number so you can renew before those books are overdue.

    Sorry for the bother of the wasted trip since both the library and the butcher's shops were closed. I faced a similar situation recently when I went to a store just to find it had closed forever and a different shop was in their space. They didn't even tell me! :)

    Wishing you well on the sewing room tidy-up. I need to do that in my sewing room, too, but am too tired from the errands I ran today. I must save energy for cooking this evening along with making another quiche.

    I wonder if the "prove you're not a robot" thing is going to ask again for me to verify street signs, shop fronts, tea, or something else. It's been asking nearly every time recently. Good thing I enjoyed this sort of stuff in elementary school!


  4. Hello. I just found you through Mean Queen.


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