Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Wot a day this has been

We were off to the hospital for an 11am appointment, it was after 12 before we got to see the Dr. DB has been given exercises to do. We then went in to see my ex for a few minutes. I passes on my concerns to the nurses and asked them to speak to the occupational therapy ladies.

It was after 2 pm when we got home, so 4 slices of cheese on toast. We sat for a few minutes before going over to see our neighbours. They had a card from the Queen congratulating them on their 70th wedding anniversary. We had cake and a cup of tea, spent time talking to some of the other visitors. Our friend P came round with a parcel for us, I chatted to her for a short while and then went back to the party.

That is the sum total of our day, I will be doing a fry up for supper, special request by DB.

No ironing done, it will have to be done tomorrow.......

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  1. It sounds like you and DB had an exhausting day tho much was accomplished.

    Congratulations to your neighbors on their long marriage!! We'll have our 45th anniversary in April and tease each other that neither of us has murdered the other ... yet! :)

    Hope you've had a lovely, relaxing evening and just let the ironing wait.

    My day has been less busy, but did get the last of the shopping finished (what's not bought is staying in the stores!) and I just have baking to do. Still wish I had more energy, but that's unlikely to happen.



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