Sunday, 1 January 2017

A Happy New Year

I hope the new Year is good to all my blogging friends.

We were in bed at our usual time, read until midnight and then settled down. No fireworks or drunks in the streets here. It was very quiet.

Its a dreich morning, 10. 30 and we have the light on in the sitting room. DB is going through his new diary updating details, I will tackle mine shortly.

No plans for the day, just quiet on our own as usual. I have the gammon I cooked yesterday to slice, we will have some tonight and tomorrow for supper, the rest will go in meal sized pack into the freezer.

We had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed, so have not been up all that long. I need to empty the ashpan and relay the fire. I lit it yesterday afternoon when DB go up after his siesta. two shovels of coal lasted until we went to bed.

We do have a couple of nice things to look forward to, a new great grand child in March, a little boy and his parents wedding in October. A case of the cart before the horse......a big surprise as she had been told she would need IVF to conceive.

Health wise we will just have to take what life throws at us as it comes. I have said I will no longer worry about DB, thats easier said than done, and like most men he does not acknowledge the fact that I am definitely not in the best of health and cannot do what I used to.

DB has just picked up the TV control to ring his sister!! Sat staring at it for a few seconds before he realised what he had done.


  1. Happy New Year to you both. I always enjoy your blog and occasionally reply to a comment. You are very honest and never try to cover up your feelings or considerations. I like that as so many blogs would have you believe that everything in the garden is rosy; and that is untrue. Long may you continue, ignore all the trolls, poor buggers, if that is what pleases them!!! Keep well and rest a little more if that is what pleases you. Love Andie xxx

  2. Happy wishes for you in 2017. After reading your blog I decided that no washing would be done today....just in case! Take care....Barb

  3. Happy New Year to you two from us two!!! It started out quietly with some distant bangs and pops at midnight but nothing upsetting which was nice.

    Yesterday I transferred all of the information about birthdays and anniversaries, taxes, and such from my 2016 calendar to the 2017 calendar. Will start taking the Christmas things down today as that will take me some time due to fatigue. The tree will come down last as I love it.:)

    Wishing all good things for you, the rest of us, and for the world in 2017.



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