Friday, 6 January 2017


Up and off to the Drs for a blood test, made an appointment to go back next Friday to see if there is any problem with my liver.

Back home, it was breakfast, we were expecting the chap to replace the window handle in the bathroom, the chap arrived just before lunch, he sorted the window and also got the top of the pepper grinder, I could not shift it, no problem to the chap.

I cleaned out the fire grate ready for the sweep who is coming this afternoon.

When we went to bed last night it was freezing, this morning, no sign of frost, but it was still very cold. I was frozen when I got back from the Drs. the car did not get a chance to warm up, so it was a hot drink with the porridge.

Supper tonight fish and wedges, might do some peas with it.

No plans for this afternoon, the sweep is due at 3 pm so DB will be up after his siesta. I will put a load of washing on tonight, hope to get it dry tomorrow.

I need to have a search for a pair of blue check curtains, I made 2 pairs for the kitchen in the Haddington flat. One pair is at the large kitchen window, I know I have the other pair but where they are is something else. I want to put them up in the bathroom, I have a cafe curtain on there but could do with proper curtains.

Rain was forecast for later today, it has not arrived yet.

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  1. You've certainly done a lot on this cold, frosty day! Hope your blood test results are well within the normal range.

    We could do with a sweep to check our chimney, so please send him over when he's finished at your home. Ta!

    Today the high temperature is expected to be barely above freezing, snow is likely overnight and tomorrow (don't know the expected amount), and temperatures Saturday and Sunday nights will be all too near 0*F. Brrrrrrr!

    A trip to the grocery yesterday filled the pantry so we'll be snug with no reason to drive in the snow.

    Wishing you well in finding your curtains!



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