Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Its Windy and freezing

Another bad start for me this morning, I have an appointment at the Drs on Friday I am going to ask him to see if he can hurry up my MRI scan.

It was blowing a hoolie and freezing cold so we decided to take the car, bite the bullet and pay the £2.60 for 3 hours parking.

I have had to have new glasses, bifocals which I hate, I have enough problems with a single pair of glasses two pairs would drive me nuts.

We arrived at the opticians at 1.30 it was 3.40 when we left. We went to Lidl and Morrison, so if the forecast snow arrives we will not have to go out........brilliant.

I am hoping to go to my quilting friends on Saturday, it is her birthday on Monday.

I prepped the cheese pie before we went out, so its on automatic pilot to be cooked for 6pm. The beans are on a low light on the hot plate.

Nothing done in the house today, might get a bit done tomorrow. Depends on how I get up in the morning. Its been taking me a couple of hours to get myself together when I wake. Thankfully I slept ok last night DB settled straight away, which was a welcome change.

I am trying to find enough room in the sewing room to either put in a single bed or a day bed, its not going to be freezer too many. I am also going to sell the sewing machine and carry bag that I bought to take to the quilting group. I am no longer taking the class, so do not need the machine or the bag, my big machine will never go out of the house except to go back in its box to go for servicing.


  1. It's good that your larder is well stocked in case of snow or ice. Our Saturday snow is finally melting enough that perhaps I can get out to the library if I stick to the main roads. I have books to return and more to pick up that I requested.

    Is it possible that the two short freezers in the sewing room could be stacked? If not, perhaps one could move into the sitting room for use as an end table if you put a cloth over it - unless the noise of it running would be annoying.

    Might you choose a single bed with storage drawers underneath to provide you with more storage? There are under-bed storage boxes available, too, of course.

    I've had trifocals for years and mine have no lines so I find that handy. Also, at the suggestion of a medical doctor I used to work with, the lower part of the lens that is for reading is set just a tad lower than normal. The doctor said that little bit of difference meant he didn't have to tip his head back to see clearly when he looked up from reading. Works perfectly for me, too.


  2. I was also going to suggest vari-lenses - two or three levels and no lines. I hated bifocals as well but have never had any trouble with vari-lenses. Audrey from New Zealand.


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