Tuesday, 10 January 2017

No rain may be snow???

The rain cleared yesterday afternoon, but it was still windy and milder. Its dry but overcast this morning, I have done a second load of laundry, the shower curtain is on the line but the rest is in the dryer, will finish it off on the airer.

Another bad night, DB was snoring and no way could I get him to turn onto his side, so just had to put up with it, I cannot see how I can get a single bed in my sewing room, I did wonder about one of those cushions that opens up into a bed, but I think even as a cushion it would be too big. I need to do some thinking and see if it is at all possible using a sleeping bag. I cannot realistically go on like this.

The library bus is due this afternoon, so all the books are sitting in the hall ready to go. We are also 'baby' sitting our neighbour whilst his wife goes into town. The library bus had to cancel last weeks visit as the bus broke down.

Bacon and egg tonight, I also want to prep a cheese and onion pie for tomorrow. We are going into town on the bus to get our eyes tested, it takes over 2 hours, I object to having to pay £1.60 + to park.

I know that we are still in winter, snow is forecast for later in the week, so I am glad we have stocked up with stuff and do not need to go out unless its really necessary. I know, however, that spring is on the way, around us the fields are being ploughed for crops to be sown, the bulbs in the tubs are starting to come through and the daffs the the back garden are also pushing up leaves.

We also saw  a few early lambs in the fields as we travelled to Bingham last week.

 DB has been out this morning and raked over one of the new beds ready for early sowings. I have kept the geraniums that were in the tubs inside on the window cill. I can use them for stock plants, by taking cuttings I also have collected seed which I will sow late next month, fingers crossed it will germinate.

Time to sort out some lunch, cheese and beetroot sandwiches, DB will have yogurt, I will have a couple of satsumas.


  1. I'm so sorry you had another wakeful night. Hope you can find another place to sleep or get some ear plugs. I wonder if one of those wedge pillows would elevate DB's head and torso enough that he wouldn't snore?

    It's so kind of you two to be willing "sitters" for your neighbor.

    Today is supposed to warm up a few degrees above freezing so hope a lot of the snow disappears. The icicles are certainly long and drippy today!

    May I ask what a satsuma is?


  2. I know exactly what you are going through with the snoring. My husband has sleep apnea and got a CPAP to sleep. He never snores when he wears it. Is that something he could try?

    1. That is a great suggestion. I have also had success with the breathe free nasal strips that tape across the bridge of the snorer's nose. I've even resorted to filling a small squirt gun with water and "shooting" at the first snore ;)


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